A mark is some kind of dot, line, or figure that emphasizes or distinguishes something. You might make a mark on your calendar to remind you of your best friend's birthday.

There are many kinds of marks, from punctuation — like quotation marks — to spots or scars on skin — "The bee sting left a mark on his cheek." When you mark something, you leave a mark on it, check it off, cross it out, or label it. You can also mark something by noticing or acknowledging it: "Let's mark your birthday with a big party!" Shopkeepers mark prices on goods, and a "mark down" is a reduction in price.

Definitions of mark
  1. noun
    a distinguishing symbol
    “the owner's mark was on all the sheep”
    synonyms: insignia, marker, marking
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    identification mark on the ear of a domestic animal
    identification mark on skin, made by burning
    a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
    assay-mark, authentication, hallmark
    a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity
    a cancellation mark stamped on mail by postal officials; indicates the post office and date of mailing
    a distinguishing mark impressed on paper during manufacture; visible when paper is held up to the light
    broad arrow
    an arrowhead mark identifying British government property
    milepost, milestone
    stone post at side of a road to show distances
    peg, pin
    small markers inserted into a surface to mark scores or define locations etc.
    pip, spot
    a mark on a die or on a playing card (shape depending on the suit)
    an identifying or descriptive marker that is attached to an object
    a mound of stones piled up as a memorial or to mark a boundary or path
    a pen with indelible ink that will write on any surface
    logo, logotype
    a company emblem or device
    gummed label, paster, sticker
    an adhesive label
    tag, ticket
    a label written or printed on paper, cardboard, or plastic that is attached to something to indicate its owner, nature, price, etc.
    a label associated with something for the purpose of identification
    title bar
    (computer science) a horizontal label at the top of a window, bearing the name of the currently active document
    type of:
    an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance
  2. noun
    a written or printed symbol (as for punctuation)
    “his answer was just a punctuation mark
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    arrow, pointer
    a mark to indicate a direction or relation
    broad arrow
    a mark shaped like an arrowhead; used to mark convicts' clothing
    call mark, call number, pressmark
    a mark consisting of characters written on a book; used to indicate shelf location
    a mark used by an author or editor to indicate where something is to be inserted into a text
    check, check mark, tick
    a mark indicating that something has been noted or completed etc.
    diacritic, diacritical mark
    a mark added to a letter to indicate a special pronunciation
    ditto, ditto mark
    a mark used to indicate the word above it should be repeated
    dollar mark, dollar sign
    a mark ($) written before a number to indicate that it stands for the number of dollars
    head, point
    a V-shaped mark at one end of an arrow pointer
    punctuation, punctuation mark
    the marks used to clarify meaning by indicating separation of words into sentences and clauses and phrases
    accent, accent mark
    a diacritical mark used to indicate stress or placed above a vowel to indicate a special pronunciation
    a diacritical mark (U-shaped) placed over a vowel to indicate a short sound
    a diacritical mark (,) placed below the letter c to indicate that it is pronounced as an s
    a diacritical mark (^) placed above a vowel in some languages to indicate a special phonetic quality
    hacek, wedge
    a diacritical mark (an inverted circumflex) placed above certain letters (such as the letter c) to indicate pronunciation
    a diacritical mark (-) placed above a vowel to indicate a long sound
    a diacritical mark (~) placed over the letter n in Spanish to indicate a palatal nasal sound or over a vowel in Portuguese to indicate nasalization
    diaeresis, dieresis, umlaut
    a diacritical mark (two dots) placed over a vowel in German to indicate a change in sound
    a punctuation mark (&) used to represent conjunction (and)
    the mark (') used to indicate the omission of one or more letters from a printed word
    either of two punctuation marks ({ or }) used to enclose textual material
    bracket, square bracket
    either of two punctuation marks ([ or ]) used to enclose textual material
    angle bracket, bracket
    either of two punctuation marks (`<' or `>') used in computer programming and sometimes used to enclose textual material
    a punctuation mark (:) used after a word introducing a series or an example or an explanation (or after the salutation of a business letter)
    a punctuation mark (,) used to indicate the separation of elements within the grammatical structure of a sentence
    exclamation mark, exclamation point
    a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation
    dash, hyphen
    a punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text
    either of two punctuation marks (or) used to enclose textual material
    full point, full stop, period, point, stop
    a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations
    interrogation point, question mark
    a punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence to indicate a question
    inverted comma, quotation mark, quote
    a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else
    a punctuation mark (`;') used to connect independent clauses; indicates a closer relation than does a period
    diagonal, separatrix, slash, solidus, stroke, virgule
    a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information
    swung dash
    a punctuation mark used in text to indicate the omission of a word
    a mark or marks, such as three dots, indicating that words have been omitted
    type of:
    printed symbol, written symbol
    a written or printed symbol
  3. noun
    a number or letter indicating quality (especially of a student's performance)
    “she made good marks in algebra”
    synonyms: grade, score
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    grade point
    a numerical value assigned to a letter grade received in a course taken at a college or university multiplied by the number of credit hours awarded for the course
    centile, percentile
    (statistics) any of the 99 numbered points that divide an ordered set of scores into 100 parts each of which contains one-hundredth of the total
    (statistics) any of nine points that divided a distribution of ranked scores into equal intervals where each interval contains one-tenth of the scores
    (statistics) any of three points that divide an ordered distribution into four parts each containing one quarter of the scores
    type of:
    evaluation, rating, valuation
    an appraisal of the value of something
  4. noun
    a visible indication made on a surface
    “some previous reader had covered the pages with dozens of marks
    synonyms: print
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    a print made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger; often used for biometric identification in criminal investigations
    footmark, footprint, step
    a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface
    a visible mark (as a footprint) left by the passage of person or animal or vehicle
    a mark on a coin that identifies the mint where it was produced
    a mark made on a surface by a pen, pencil, or paintbrush
    hoof mark, hoof-mark, hoofprint
    a visible impression on a surface made by the hoof of an animal
    a mark that is long relative to its width
    in games or sports; a mark indicating positions or bounds of the playing area
    cross hair, cross wire
    either of two fine mutually perpendicular lines that cross in the focus plane of an optical instrument and are use for sighting or calibration
    the basic pattern of the human fingerprint
    fingerprint made by the thumb (especially by the pad of the thumb)
    footprint evidence
    evidence in the form of footprints
    a stroke normally made in a downward direction
    a stroke normally made in an upward direction
    a short stroke
    dotted line
    a line made up of dots or dashes; often used to indicate where you are supposed to sign a contract
    (printing) the part of tall lowercase letters that extends above the other lowercase letters
    bar line
    a vertical line before the accented beat marking the boundary between musical bars
    (printing) the part of lowercase letters that extends below the other lowercase letters
    curlicue, squiggle
    a short twisting line
    spectrum line
    an isolated component of a spectrum formed by radiation at a uniform frequency
    trend line
    a line on a graph indicating a statistical trend
    underline, underscore
    a line drawn underneath (especially under written matter)
    isometric, isometric line
    a line connecting isometric points
    a line (as on a vessel or ruler) that marks a measurement
    a light line that is used in lettering to help align the letters
    a very thin line
    a line that forms the length of an arrow pointer
    serif, seriph
    a short line at the end of the main strokes of a character
    staff line
    any of the 5 horizontal marks comprising a staff
    ledger line, leger line
    a short line; a notation for extending the range above or below the staff
    balkline, baulk-line, string line
    line across a billiard table behind which the cue balls are placed at the start of a game
    finish line, finishing line
    a line indicating the location of the finish of a race
    foul line
    lines through 1st and 3rd base indicating the boundaries of a baseball field
    foul line
    a line across a bowling alley that a bowler must not cross
    foul line
    a line from which basketball players take penalty shots
    the lines a baseball player must follow while running the bases
    goal line
    a line marking each end of the playing field or pitch; where the goals stand
    red line
    a line that is colored red and that bisects an ice hockey rink
    line of scrimmage, scrimmage line
    line parallel to the goal lines where football linesmen line up at the start of each play in American football
    baseline, service line
    the back line bounding each end of a tennis or handball court; when serving the server must not step over this line
    out of bounds, sideline
    a line that marks the side boundary of a playing field
    scratch, scratch line, start, starting line
    a line indicating the location of the start of a race or a game
    yard line
    in football; line parallel to the goal lines indicating position on the field
    type of:
    indicant, indication
    something that serves to indicate or suggest
  5. noun
    a marking that consists of lines that cross each other
    synonyms: crisscross, cross
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    type of:
    a pattern of marks
  6. noun
    an indication of damage
    synonyms: scar, scrape, scratch
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    type of:
    blemish, defect, mar
    a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body)
  7. verb
    make or leave a mark on
    “the scouts marked the trail”
    “ash marked the believers' foreheads”
    label, tag
    attach a tag or label to
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    mark with a dot
    stigmatise, stigmatize
    mark with a stigma or stigmata
    mark or paint with raddle
    mark with striae or striations
    mark, coat, cover, or stain with ink
    mark with, or as if with, dimples
    mark with a spot or spots so as to allow easy recognition
    mark with a pattern of crossing lines
    asterisk, star
    mark with an asterisk
    provide with a flag
    mark with a tip
    underline, underscore
    draw a line or lines underneath to call attention to
    mark with stripes
    produce specks in or on
    mark with, or as if with, spots
    delineate, describe, draw, line, trace
    make a mark or lines on a surface
    post, stake
    mark with a stake
    burn with a branding iron to indicate ownership; of animals
    mark with freckles
    cloud, dapple, mottle
    color with streaks or blotches of different shades
    draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions
    draw within a figure so as to touch in as many places as possible
    draw a line around
    draw a geometric figure around another figure so that the two are in contact but do not intersect
    mark or trace on a surface
    type of:
    alter, change, modify
    cause to change; make different; cause a transformation
  8. verb
    designate as if by a mark
    “This sign marks the border”
    differentiate, distinguish
    be a distinctive feature, attribute, or trait; sometimes in a very positive sense
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    indicate by marking trees with blazes
    indicate the dimensions on
    mark with a signpost, as of a path
    distinguish, signalise, signalize
    make conspicuous or noteworthy
    mark with a buoy
    singularise, singularize
    distinguish as singular
    type of:
    bespeak, betoken, indicate, point, signal
    be a signal for or a symptom of
  9. verb
    put a check mark on or near or next to
    mark off the units”
    synonyms: check, check off, mark off, tick, tick off
    check, check into, check out, check over, check up on, go over, look into, suss out
    examine so as to determine accuracy, quality, or condition
    ascertain, assure, check, control, ensure, insure, see, see to it
    be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something
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    mark or stamp as paid
    type of:
    confirm the truth of
  10. verb
    remove from a list
    synonyms: cross off, cross out, strike off, strike out
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    type of:
    take away, take out
    take out or remove
  11. verb
    assign a grade or rank to, according to one's evaluation
    mark homework”
    synonyms: grade, score
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    type of:
    appraise, assess, evaluate, measure, valuate, value
    evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of
  12. verb
    insert punctuation marks into
    synonyms: punctuate
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    put quote marks around
    type of:
    make an addition (to); join or combine or unite with others; increase the quality, quantity, size or scope of
  13. verb
    attach a tag or label to
    synonyms: label, tag
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    brand, brandmark, trademark
    mark with a brand or trademark
    mark (a psalm text) to indicate the points at which the music changes
    mark with diacritics
    mark (Hebrew words) with diacritics
    mark (the scale of a measuring instrument) so that it can be read in the desired units
    attach a code to
    put a badge on
    type of:
    cause to be attached
  14. verb
    mark with a scar
    synonyms: pit, pock, scar
    nock, score
    make small marks into the surface of
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    mark with or as if with pockmarks
    cicatrise, cicatrize
    form a scar, after an injury
    type of:
    blemish, deface, disfigure
    mar or spoil the appearance of
  15. verb
    make small marks into the surface of
    synonyms: nock, score
    pit, pock, scar
    mark with a scar
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    scratch the surface of
    make a small cut or score into
    score a line on with a pointed instrument, as in metalworking
    mark with lines
    put new lines on
    draw, cut, or engrave lines, usually parallel, on metal, wood, or paper
    mark with or consist of a pattern of crossed lines
    type of:
    cut or make a notch into
  16. verb
    make underscoring marks
    synonyms: score
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    cancel, invalidate
    make invalid for use
    type of:
    enter, put down, record
    make a record of; set down in permanent form
  17. noun
    a perceptible indication of something not immediately apparent (as a visible clue that something has happened)
    synonyms: sign
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    something serving as a sign of something else
    type of:
    clew, clue, cue
    evidence that helps to solve a problem
  18. noun
    the impression created by doing something unusual or extraordinary that people notice and remember
    “it was in London that he made his mark
    “he left an indelible mark on the American theater”
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    type of:
    effect, impression
    an outward appearance
  19. noun
    a symbol of disgrace or infamy
    “"And the Lord set a mark upon Cain"--Genesis”
    synonyms: brand, stain, stigma
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    a mark against a person for misconduct or failure; usually given in school or armed forces
    bar sinister, bend sinister
    a mark of bastardy; lines from top right to bottom left
    cloven foot, cloven hoof
    the mark of Satan
    type of:
    an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance
  20. verb
    notice or perceive
    mark my words”
    synonyms: note, notice
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    fail to notice
    take notice
    observe with special attention
  21. verb
    mark by some ceremony or observation
    “The citizens mark the anniversary of the revolution with a march and a parade”
    synonyms: commemorate
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    type of:
    celebrate, keep, observe
    behave as expected during holidays or rites
  22. verb
    be a distinctive feature, attribute, or trait; sometimes in a very positive sense
    synonyms: differentiate, distinguish
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    characterise, characterize
    be characteristic of
    give individual character to
    determine the nature of
    type of:
    characterise, characterize, qualify
    describe or portray the character or the qualities or peculiarities of
  23. verb
    establish as the highest level or best performance
    synonyms: set
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    type of:
    establish, lay down, make
    institute, enact, or establish
  24. verb
    to accuse or condemn or openly or formally or brand as disgraceful
    synonyms: brand, denounce, stigmatise, stigmatize
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    type of:
    assign a label to; designate with a label
  25. noun
    something that exactly succeeds in achieving its goal
    “hit the mark
    synonyms: bell ringer, bull's eye, home run
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    type of:
    an attainment that is successful
  26. noun
    a reference point to shoot at
    “his arrow hit the mark
    synonyms: target
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    a target used in archery
    a funnel-shaped device towed as a target by an airplane
    type of:
    point of reference, reference, reference point
    an indicator that orients you generally
  27. noun
    a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of
    synonyms: chump, fall guy, fool, gull, mug, patsy, soft touch, sucker
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    type of:
    dupe, victim
    a person who is tricked or swindled
  28. noun
    formerly the basic unit of money in Germany
    synonyms: Deutsche Mark, Deutschmark, German mark
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    type of:
    German monetary unit
    monetary unit in Germany
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