A signpost is a raised marker on the side of a road that provides some kind of information — like how many miles you have to travel to a landmark (like the golden arches of McDonald's).

A signpost can mark a historical site, a business, or the distance to a city. Smaller roads that meet at an intersection or crossroads often have a signpost marked with arrows and town names, making it clear which direction you should go. Sometimes signpost is used figuratively, to mean an indicator or hint: "The mayor's vote to fund a new school acted as a signpost to her feelings about education in general."

Definitions of signpost

n a post bearing a sign that gives directions or shows the way

fingerboard, fingerpost
a guidepost resembling a hand with a pointing index finger
Type of:
a public display of a message

v mark with a signpost, as of a path

Type of:
designate as if by a mark

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