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Build academic and literacy skills with

inside a classroom with a teacher and students

Close gaps, open doors helps students build broad literacy skills that are fundamental to success in school and in life— skills like reading, writing, listening, speaking and thinking all rely on a robust vocabulary. Our adaptive activities meet every student where they are and present them with the right question at the right time to systematically improve their vocabulary.

2 million students across
50,000 schools
7 billion questions answered
350 million words mastered

Site licenses start at 150 students.

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Extend literacy beyond the ELA classroom

Teachers are using to integrate vocabulary instruction into their curriculum across subjects. Whether your focus is The Crucible, the US Constitution, or chemistry, we can help every student learn the words that are vital to understanding academic content in all of their classes.

Visit Margate Middle School and learn how teachers across disciplines use to launch inter-disciplinary project-based learning.

Remove roadblocks to comprehension

Teachers in any subject and any grade can get a jump start on comprehension before starting a new lesson or reading assignment. Our adaptive Practice activity or pre-unit assessment quizzes can help prepare students to tackle even the most complex texts.

Visit Ms. Hyde's lively 8th grade ELA class, where students use to support their book club reading and discussions.

Create engaged readers

Teachers across the country implement our wide-ranging activities and tools in fun and creative ways to motivate and engage their students. Transform current events into learning events when you turn the latest news article into a vocab-based lesson! Or, create opportunities for engagement and friendly competition with Vocab Jams! With, teachers can encourage readers to engage more deeply with current events, curriculum, and their classmates.

Watch how Mr. Terrell's high school students are using to create their own vocabulary lists before writing essays about current events.

Success stories from fellow educators

“ has allowed even my kids who may struggle in other areas to be successful at something.”

— David Bass, Science Teacher at Margate Middle School, Margate, FL

“I see enhancing the vocabulary of students as essential in this knowledge–based economy.”

— Kenneth Nance, Principal at Buck Lodge Middle School, Adelphi, MD

“Now I have a direct way to say what I am doing for remediation in this class — I have”

— Noel Campbell, ELA / Rhetoric Teacher at McNicol Middle School, Hollywood, FL

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