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The Vocabulary Bowl

An academic competition for everyone.

Students at thousands of schools around the United States and Canada are competing in the annual Vocabulary Bowl — a competition to see which schools can master the most words.

What makes the Vocabulary Bowl so special is that every student who plays and learns on Vocabulary.com is “on the team” for their school. If they’re enrolled, they’re in. It’s that simple.

Does your school have what it takes to win? Join the competition and start mastering words today.

This year's Vocabulary Bowl concluded on April 30th. But you can still compete in our post/pre-season competition for a monthly banner!

Are you in?

Here's how to get started.

If you are a student or educator in the United States or Canada, getting involved in the Vocabulary Bowl is as easy as signing up for a free account on Vocabulary.com and selecting your school.

Every word you (or your students) master after you sign up will add a point to your school's total, and bring your school one step closer to winning the bowl!

What's in it for you?

Aside from a better vocabulary? Lots.

After the results are tallied for the school year, winners will be announced in May 2018. The top middle school and high school will be awarded Championship Trophies at a special ceremony held at each school. The top 100 students at the winning schools will each be awarded a medal celebrating their achievement.

We also award a nifty banner to each month's winning school, and to the overall winners from every state at the end of the bowl. That's a lot of banners!

Who's eligible?

All students attending K-12 schools in the United States and Canada are eligible to participate. Simply sign up for Vocabulary.com and select your school when you create your profile. Read the full contest rules for details.

During the 2016-17 school year, students at more than 38,000 schools around the U.S. and Canada participated. This year we expect even more schools to participate as students compete to win their county, state, and national contests.

Which school will come out on top at the end of the school year? It’s anybody’s game, so get started today!

Please read our full contest rules for all eligibility details.

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