An impression is an imprint, either in one’s mind or on an object. To make a good impression on your friend's parents, don't let your muddy boots leave impressions on their perfect white kitchen floor.

The noun impression comes from the Latin word imprimere, which means “press into or upon,” or “stamp.” When you press a coin into a piece of modeling clay there will be an impression, or likeness, of its design in the clay. Another kind of impression is a performance in which you act, talk, move and even attempt to look like another person, like the impression of your teacher that got you into trouble when he saw you.

Definitions of impression
  1. noun
    a vague idea in which some confidence is placed
    “his impression of her was favorable”
    synonyms: belief, feeling, notion, opinion
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    the impression that something is present
    an impression (especially one that is artificial or contrived)
    first blush
    at the first glimpse or impression
    hunch, intuition, suspicion
    an impression that something might be the case
    sound effect
    an effect that imitates a sound called for in the script of a play
    special effect
    an effect used to produce scenes that cannot be achieved by normal techniques (especially on film)
    bosom, heart
    the locus of feelings and intuitions
    type of:
    idea, thought
    the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about
  2. noun
    a clear and telling mental image
    “the events left a permanent impression in his mind”
    synonyms: mental picture, picture
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    type of:
    image, mental image
    an iconic mental representation
  3. noun
    an outward appearance
    “he made a good impression
    “I wanted to create an impression of success”
    synonyms: effect
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    the impression produced by a person
    the general impression that something (a person or organization or product) presents to the public
    the impression created by doing something unusual or extraordinary that people notice and remember
    tout ensemble
    a total impression or effect of something made up of individual parts
    type of:
    appearance, visual aspect
    outward or visible aspect of a person or thing
  4. noun
    an impressionistic portrayal of a person
    “he did a funny impression of a politician”
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    type of:
    characterisation, characterization, enactment, personation, portrayal
    acting the part of a character on stage; dramatically representing the character by speech and action and gesture
  5. noun
    the act of pressing one thing on or into the surface of another
    “he watched the impression of the seal on the hot wax”
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    type of:
    press, pressing, pressure
    the act of pressing; the exertion of pressure
  6. noun
    a concavity in a surface produced by pressing
    “he left the impression of his fingers in the soft mud”
    synonyms: depression, imprint
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    a small natural hollow in the cheek or chin
    channel, groove
    a long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion) or by a tool (as e.g. a groove in a phonograph record)
    any slight depression in a surface
    a depression in an otherwise level surface
    dent, incision, prick, scratch, slit
    a depression scratched or carved into a surface
    droop, sag
    a shape that sags
    crease, crinkle, furrow, line, seam, wrinkle
    a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface
    chap, crack, cranny, crevice, fissure
    a long narrow depression in a surface
    a rectangular groove cut into a board so that another piece can fit into it
    flute, fluting
    a groove or furrow in cloth etc (particularly a shallow concave groove on the shaft of a column)
    a narrow groove beside a beading
    rabbet, rebate
    a rectangular groove made to hold two pieces together
    a groove on a phonograph recording
    a groove or furrow (especially one in soft earth caused by wheels)
    score, scotch
    a slight surface cut (especially a notch that is made to keep a tally)
    crow's feet, crow's foot, laugh line
    a wrinkle in the skin at the outer corner of your eyes
    the lines that form patterns on the skin (especially on the fingertips and the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet)
    frown line
    a facial wrinkle associated with frowning
    life line, lifeline, line of life
    a crease on the palm; its length is said by palmists to indicate how long you will live
    heart line, line of heart, love line, mensal line
    a crease on the palm; palmists say it indicates your emotional nature
    line of Saturn, line of destiny, line of fate
    a crease on the palm; palmists say it indicates how successful you will be
    stria, striation
    any of a number of tiny parallel grooves such as: the scratches left by a glacier on rocks or the streaks or ridges in muscle tissue
    the channel or break produced by erosion of relatively soft soil by water
    type of:
    concave shape, concavity, incurvation, incurvature
    a shape that curves or bends inward
  7. noun
    (dentistry) an imprint of the teeth and gums in wax or plaster
    “the dentist took an impression for use in preparing an inlay”
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    type of:
    a device produced by pressure on a surface
  8. noun
    a symbol that is the result of printing or engraving
    synonyms: stamp
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    embossment, imprint
    an impression produced by pressure or printing
    a stamp affixed to a document (as to attest to its authenticity or to seal it)
    type of:
    an arbitrary sign (written or printed) that has acquired a conventional significance
  9. noun
    all the copies of a work printed at one time
    synonyms: printing
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    the form in which a text (especially a printed book) is published
    proof, test copy, trial impression
    (printing) an impression made to check for errors
    a printed impression that is blurred or doubled
    limited edition
    an edition that is restricted to a specific number of copies
    variorum, variorum edition
    an edition containing various versions of a text or notes by various scholars or editors
    galley proof
    a proof taken before the type is broken up to print pages
    foundry proof
    a proof taken from a form before duplicate plates are made
    type of:
    a copy of a printed work offered for distribution
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