An incision is a surgical cut. A doctor uses a scalpel to make an incision in a patient's skin.

An incision usually refers to a cut that's made during surgery, like an abdominal incision made by a surgeon during a gall bladder operation. A decorative or artistic cut can also be called an incision, such as a cut in carved wood or marble. Incision can also describe the power of sharp observation, like the incision of your friend who can always tell when you're upset, even when you try to hide it.

Definitions of incision
  1. noun
    the cutting of or into body tissues or organs (especially by a surgeon as part of an operation)
    synonyms: section, surgical incision
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    surgical incision into the stomach
    surgical incision into the perineum
    surgical incision into the abdominal wall; often done to examine abdominal organs
    surgical incision into the testis to obtain material for analysis (as in cases of abnormally low sperm count)
    surgical incision of the sclerotic coat of the eye
    incision into a kidney (usually to remove a kidney stone)
    surgical incision into the chest walls opening up the pleural cavity
    valvotomy, valvulotomy
    incision into a stenosed cardiac valve to relieve the obstruction
    phlebotomy, venesection
    surgical incision into a vein; used to treat hemochromatosis
    vasosection, vasotomy
    surgical incision into or division of the vas deferens
    surgical incision of the perineum to enlarge the vagina and so facilitate delivery during childbirth
    laparotomy performed with a laparoscope that makes a small incision to examine the abdominal cavity (especially the ovaries and Fallopian tubes)
    type of:
    cut, cutting
    the act of penetrating or opening open with a sharp edge
  2. noun
    a depression scratched or carved into a surface
    synonyms: dent, prick, scratch, slit
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    score, scotch
    a slight surface cut (especially a notch that is made to keep a tally)
    type of:
    depression, impression, imprint
    a concavity in a surface produced by pressing
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