When you value something, you consider it important and worthwhile. For example, if you value someone’s opinion, you will ask that person's advice before making a big decision.

Value has to do with how much something is worth, either in terms of cash or importance. As a verb, it means "holding something in high regard," (like "I value our friendship") but it can also mean "determine how much something is worth," like a prize valued at $200. The noun value also relates to worth, like a used car that is a good value, the value of good health, or the ideals we have, like "My values include honesty and fairness."

Primary Meanings of value

the quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable
fix or determine the value of; assign a value to
an ideal accepted by some individual or group
regard highly; think much of
(music) the relative duration of a musical note
relative darkness or lightness of a color
Full Definitions of value

n the quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable

“the Shakespearean Shylock is of dubious value in the modern world”
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invaluableness, preciousness, pricelessness, valuableness
the positive quality of being precious and beyond value
cost, monetary value, price
the property of having material worth (often indicated by the amount of money something would bring if sold)
cost, price, toll
value measured by what must be given or done or undergone to obtain something
the quality of having high intrinsic value
the quality of being important and worthy of note
the quality of not being important or worthy of note
national income
the total value of all income in a nation (wages and profits and interest and rents and pension payments) during a given period (usually 1 yr)
GNP, gross national product
former measure of the United States economy; the total market value of goods and services produced by all citizens and capital during a given period (usually 1 yr)
GDP, gross domestic product
the measure of an economy adopted by the United States in 1991; the total market values of goods and services produced by workers and capital within a nation's borders during a given period (usually 1 year)
face value, nominal value, par value
the value of a security that is set by the company issuing it; unrelated to market value
book value
the value at which an asset is carried on a balance sheet; equals cost minus accumulated depreciation
market price, market value
the price at which buyers and sellers trade the item in an open marketplace
monetary standard, standard
the value behind the money in a monetary system
something likened to the metal in brightness or preciousness or superiority etc.
average cost
total cost for all units bought (or produced) divided by the number of units
differential cost, incremental cost, marginal cost
the increase or decrease in costs as a result of one more or one less unit of output
the quality of being high-priced
the market value set on assets
the quality of being affordable
death toll
the number of deaths resulting from some particular cause such as an accident or a battle or a natural disaster
big deal
anything of great importance or consequence
relative importance
importance or value
utmost importance
relative importance
greatness, illustriousness
the property possessed by something or someone of outstanding importance or eminence
the quality of being significant
essentiality, essentialness
basic importance
pressing importance requiring speedy action
weight, weightiness
the relative importance granted to something
not of basic importance
pettiness, puniness, slightness, triviality
the quality of being unimportant and petty or frivolous
the quality of having little or no significance
real GNP, real gross national product
a version of the GNP that has been adjusted for the effects of inflation
capital stock
the book value of the outstanding shares of a corporation
gold standard
a monetary standard under which the basic unit of currency is defined by a stated quantity of gold
silver standard
a monetary standard under which the basic unit of currency is defined by a stated quantity of silver
a monetary standard under which the basic unit of currency is defined by stated amounts of two metals (usually gold and silver) with values set at a predetermined ratio
Type of:
the quality that renders something desirable or valuable or useful

n a numerical quantity measured or assigned or computed

“the value assigned was 16 milliseconds”
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characteristic root of a square matrix, eigenvalue, eigenvalue of a matrix, eigenvalue of a square matrix
(mathematics) any number such that a given square matrix minus that number times the identity matrix has a zero determinant
scale value
a value on some scale of measurement
argument, parameter
(computer science) a reference or value that is passed to a function, procedure, subroutine, command, or program
an intermediate scale value regarded as normal or usual
Type of:
numerical quantity
a quantity expressed as a number

n the amount (of money or goods or services) that is considered to be a fair equivalent for something else

“he tried to estimate the value of the produce at normal prices”
economic value
mess of pottage
anything of trivial value
the amount that something in scarce supply is valued above its nominal value
Type of:
amount, measure, quantity
how much there is or how many there are of something that you can quantify

v fix or determine the value of; assign a value to

value the jewelry and art work in the estate”
overestimate, overvalue
assign too high a value to
underestimate, undervalue
assign too low a value to
allow (currencies) to fluctuate
Type of:
determine, set
fix conclusively or authoritatively

v evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of

appraise, assess, evaluate, measure, valuate
estimate the value of (property) for taxation
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grade, mark, score
assign a grade or rank to, according to one's evaluation
estimate the value of
standardise, standardize
evaluate by comparing with a standard
reassess, reevaluate
revise or renew one's assessment
subject to political, religious, or moral censorship
express approval of
blue-pencil, delete, edit
cut or eliminate
value anew
praise or celebrate in song
express commendation of
express approval of
exalt, extol, glorify, laud, proclaim
praise, glorify, or honor
blandish, flatter
praise somewhat dishonestly
eulogise, eulogize
praise formally and eloquently
compliment, congratulate
say something to someone that expresses praise
gush, rave
praise enthusiastically
express approval of
commend, recommend
express a good opinion of
advertise, advertize, promote, push
make publicity for; try to sell (a product)
puff, puff up
praise extravagantly
praise in a sonnet
Type of:
evaluate, judge, pass judgment
form a critical opinion of

v estimate the value of

value anew
appreciate, apprise, apprize
increase the value of
Type of:
appraise, assess, evaluate, measure, valuate
evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of

n an ideal accepted by some individual or group

“he has old-fashioned values
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(psychoanalysis) parental figures (and their values) that you introjected as a child; the voice of conscience is usually a parent's voice internalized
a rule or standard especially of good behavior
accounting principle, accounting standard
a principle that governs current accounting practice and that is used as a reference to determine the appropriate treatment of complex transactions
chivalry, knightliness
the medieval principles governing knighthood and knightly conduct
ethic, moral principle, value orientation, value-system
the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group
the principles and ideals associated with classical Greek civilization
judicial doctrine, judicial principle, legal principle
(law) a principle underlying the formulation of jurisprudence
an ethical or moral principle that inhibits action
Type of:
the idea of something that is perfect; something that one hopes to attain

v regard highly; think much of

esteem, prise, prize, respect
disesteem, disrespect
have little or no respect for; hold in contempt
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think the world of
esteem very highly
fear, revere, reverence, venerate
regard with feelings of respect and reverence; consider hallowed or exalted or be in awe of
admire, look up to
feel admiration for
enshrine, saint
hold sacred
show devotion to (a deity)
feel envious towards; admire enviously
Type of:
consider, reckon, regard, see, view
deem to be

v hold dear

appreciate, prize, treasure
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do justice
show due and full appreciation
recognise, recognize
show approval or appreciation of
honor, honour, reward
bestow honor or rewards upon
place in the church calendar as a red-letter day honoring a saint
Type of:
consider, reckon, regard, see, view
deem to be

n (music) the relative duration of a musical note

note value, time value
Type of:
continuance, duration
the period of time during which something continues

n relative darkness or lightness of a color

“"I establish the colors and principal values by organizing the painting into three values--dark, medium...and light"-Joe Hing Lowe”
having a light color
having a dark or somber color
Type of:
color property
an attribute of color

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