You might like your manager, but if you exalt her, it means you really put her on a pedestal and treat her like royalty.

To exalt is to hold or raise someone up to a high position or status. It doesn't have to mean literally putting that person into a high position, but instead treating them almost like nobility. Overly doting parents exalt their infant to the point where they praise him every time he wets his diaper and call the neighbors over every time he coos.

Definitions of exalt

v praise, glorify, or honor

extol, glorify, laud, proclaim
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canonise, canonize
treat as a sacred person
exalt to the skies; lift to the skies or to heaven with praise
crack up
rhapsodize about
praise by singing a hymn
Type of:
express approval of

v raise in rank, character, or status

exalted the humble shoemaker to the rank of King's adviser”
exalt to the position of a God
Type of:
elevate, lift, raise
raise in rank or condition

v heighten or intensify

“These paintings exalt the imagination”
animate, enliven, inspire, invigorate
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inspire with confidence; give hope or courage to
barrack, cheer, exhort, inspire, pep up, root on, urge, urge on
spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts
foster, nurture
help develop, help grow
encourage somebody by crying hollo
cheer, embolden, hearten, recreate
give encouragement to
draw out
make more sociable
bring out
encourage to be less reserved
goad, spur
give heart or courage to
Type of:
excite, shake, shake up, stimulate, stir
stir the feelings, emotions, or peace of

v fill with sublime emotion

beatify, exhilarate, inebriate, thrill, tickle pink
Type of:
elate, intoxicate, lift up, pick up, uplift
fill with high spirits; fill with optimism

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