When you deify someone, you're paying the highest compliment: you're treating them like a god.

Maybe it's because people like to exaggerate, but we deify all the time. We deify the latest sports stars, singers, and actors. When politicians are popular, we deify them. Great writers and artists of the past — like Shakespeare and Picasso — are deified. Anytime we make someone seem so great, so powerful, so wonderful, and so amazing that it can't possibly be true, we're deifying them. It's something we just can't help doing when we respect or love someone a lot.

Definitions of deify
  1. verb
    exalt to the position of a God
    “the people deified their King”
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    type of:
    raise in rank, character, or status
  2. verb
    consider as a god or godlike
    “These young men deify financial success”
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    apotheose, apotheosise, apotheosize
    deify or glorify
    type of:
    idealise, idealize
    consider or render as ideal
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