Power Prefix: pro

Learn these ten words with the prefix pro-, meaning "to go forth" or "put forth."

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  1. proceed
    move ahead; travel onward in time or space
    We line up outside the Hub by last name and proceed through the security check—full-body scanners and luggage imaging like at the airport, but with a ticket to nowhere.Internment
  2. procession
    the action of a group moving ahead in regular formation
    Several thousand people marched in an orderly procession past China’s military headquarters in the former British colony.New York Times (Aug 10, 2019)
  3. proffer
    present for acceptance or rejection
    Poirot proffered a sheet of paper and pencil, but the Princess waved them aside.Murder on the Orient Express
  4. proclaim
    state or announce
    Callimachus, the most widely quoted author in antiquity besides Homer, famously proclaimed, “I abhor all public things.”Circumference
  5. proficiency
    the quality of having great facility and competence
    Belichick said if players don’t exhibit flawless proficiency on the field when working on a certain play, scheme or design, he eliminates it from his game plan.Reuters (Jan 30, 2019)
  6. prominent
    conspicuous in position or importance
    The museum’s collection holds more than 23,000 pieces, including the only complete collection of presidential portraits outside of the White House, as well as portraits of athletes, artists and other prominent figures throughout history.New York Times (Aug 6, 2019)
  7. propagate
    multiply through reproduction
    “It’s all about creating. I think the concept of propagating a plant or planting seeds and watching them grow, or drawing and music, it all ties together,” he said.Washington Post (Aug 5, 2018)
  8. proponent
    a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea
    Her great-grandfather, Paul M. Warburg, was an expert in international finance and one of the leading proponents for the creation of the United States Federal Reserve System.New York Times (Aug 18, 2019)
  9. proposition
    a suggestion offered for acceptance or rejection
    People are always outside holding signs for some cause or proposition on the local ballot.The Fourteenth Goldfish
  10. propulsion
    the act of moving forward
    I doubted the usefulness of these oars as a means of propulsion.Life of Pi
Created on April 21, 2015 (updated August 20, 2019)

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