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Memorial Day: Words of Respect and Remembrance

Here’s a look at some of the words you’re most likely to hear and see around Memorial Day. There are many ways to honor the people who died in combat for their country: one is to understand their vocabulary. Read the full article: The Respectful, Somber Vocabulary of Memorial Day
15 Words

Motherlode: A Mother's Day Lexicon

Mothers do so many things, which is why a good nap may be the best gift you can give your own mom on Mother's Day. Still, you might want to offer Mom a few words of appreciation, so here's a list of 13 verbs that get to the heart of what mothers do. Read more here: A Motherlode of Vocabulary for Mother's Day
13 Words

May the 4th Be With You: Star Words

Rejoice, Star Wars fans! May the 4th is National Star Wars Day! The epic film series launched plenty of words—like Jedi and Wookiee—but it also made use of existing words, giving them a new spin, and a new force, if you will. Our Star Wars lexicon will serve you well in any galaxy. Read the full article here.
15 Words

Tax Day Words

Tax Day, April 15th, is the second most dreaded day of the year—next to Doomsday. The language of taxation runs all over the financial map, describing the wealthy, the disadvantaged, and the ungodly process of paying taxes. Here are some words you're likely to hear in relation to this stressful day, which can be—pardon the expression—quite taxing. Read the full article: Money, Money, Money: The Rich and Poor Words of Tax Day
15 Words

Cat Vocabulary: A Feline Lexicon

Whether you're a cat-person or have a case of feline phobia, here are 13 words to describe these lithe, stealthy creatures.
13 Words

April Fool's List

In celebration of April Fool's Day, here are twenty vocabulary words that all have to do with various degrees of joking, trickery and deceit. Some involve a simple lie or two, while others indicate elaborate schemes. For more on the history of these words, read The Cunning, Risible Holiday of April Fool's Day.
20 Words

St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary: Words From Irish

With St. Patrick's Day — and celebrations of all things Irish — coming up on March 17th, learn 10 words derived from the Irish language. For more words from the Emerald Isle, read the article: Beyond Shamrocks and Leprechauns
10 Words

Ides, Eon, Epoch, and Era: Time-related Words

Beware the ides of March, and other obscure time-related words that you only see once in a blue moon. Learn these terms in a fortnight (perhaps less?), and usher in a new era of vocabulary knowledge. Read the full article: Beware the Time-related Vocabulary of March!
20 Words

Basketball Words for March Madness

March Madness basketball and brackets are pure mania, but the related words are pretty chill, right? Think again. Do YOU know all five meanings of foul? Test your skills with this list, and for more on b-ball vocabulary, check out: March Madness Ensues, But Basketball Vocabulary is Relatively Sane
15 Words

Musty Dusty Words for National Old Stuff Day

While the origins of this day are hard to trace and it's unclear how many observers actually celebrate this March 2 event , we thought it was a perfectly valid reason to share a list of words related to old things you might be stashing in your attic. Even if your musty junk isn't worth much to anyone but you, expanding your vocabulary always has value!
15 Words

Super Bowl Blowout: Dull Game, Epic Vocabulary!

Super Bowls don't always live up to the hype. But even if the game itself is boring, the words used to describe it are exciting.
20 Words


What does it mean to trump or have a trump? Find out through this list of synonymous verbs and nouns.
25 Words

An Inspirational Back-to-School Word List

As you pack your backpack and sharpen your pencils, take a moment to sharpen your vocabulary! Here are ten words that can inspire you to take on the academic challenges of a new school year.
10 Words

Vocabulary of the Summer Olympics

The 2016 Olympic Games will begin this August in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Learn this list of 28 words so you can keep up with each sport from start to finish.
28 Words

Vocabulary from Beyoncé's "Lemonade"

Beyoncé's Lemonade is collection of songs, a long-form video and an extended spoken word performance all at once. It deals with both broad themes about community and culture and intensely personal aspects of Beyoncé's marriage to Jay Z at the same time. The audience may feel that they are experiencing everything that occupies the mind of this superstar while appreciating her latest music. Most amazingly successful artists are busy erecting walls to keep people out, but Lemonade feels like Beyoncé has shared with us her private pain and her essential truths. Here are twelve vocabulary words from the lyrics to Lemonade, and learn more about Beyonce's inspiration in "Vocabulary Lessons from Beyonce's Lemonade."
12 Words

"Flag" Day Words

Flag Day is June 14. At the end of a hot summer day, you can droop like Old Glory on a day without wind, and that feeling of fatigue is another meaning of the word "flag." On this Flag Day, here are eleven synonyms for that droopy, beginning-to-fade definition of "flag."
11 Words

Some Tricky Homonyms

Words that sound the same but are spelled differently (a type of homonym) can be stumbling blocks in comprehension or when trying to communicate something in writing. If you know that there's "peek" "peak" and "pique," which one do you use to describe what your character did at the window? If you use the wrong one, then your character has reached the heights (peak) or is having a fit if anger (pique) by the window. Is that what you mean? Is the character simply looking through that window (peek)? As you can see, all these words sound the same but suggest very different things. Here are 32 vocabulary words that are often confused.
32 Words

Emotions on Display

Emotions help make us human. They are a wide variety of impulsive reactions that bypass the thoughtful mind and can sweep over us -- a rush of happiness, drowning in a flood of sadness. Whether you control your emotions or express them freely, this list has representative words for all kinds of feelings, even a few words that refer to not feeling strongly one way or another. The questions that accompany this list contain image questions so that manifestations of these emotions can be better visualized. Here are 50 emotion vocabulary words.
50 Words

Vocabulary from "Hamilton" Lyrics, Act 1

The musical Hamilton is a phenomenon. Combining the techniques and beats of rap with the biography of the Founding Father on the ten-dollar bill, Hamilton has taken Broadway by storm and is now a Pulitzer Prize winner for Drama. Students around the country are learning about history and language from this musical. Below are 50 vocabulary words from Act 1, and here are 50 vocabulary words from Act 2.
50 Words

Vocabulary for National Grilled Cheese Day

National Grilled Cheese Day is celebrated on April 12. To show our appreciation for this iconic sandwich, we present a metaphorical "grilled cheese" sandwich - synonyms for "grill" or question, combined with synonyms for "cheesy."
10 Words

Words Plagued by Unusual Silent Letters

The scourge of spellers, silent letters are often a stumbling block when learning how to write in English. To the modern eye, it's unclear what these letters are doing in the words in question, and learners sometimes simply have to memorize them. But the silent letters are very often hidden remnants of how the words passed through different languages on their way to English. Here are 20 words that prove that English spelling is far from rational
20 Words

Spring Words

Spring is a time of thaw, rebirth and growth. The flowers bloom, the birds sing, and many things seem new again in the sunny weather. Here are fifteen vocabulary words related to the warmth of spring and everything associated with it.
15 Words

Vocabulary from Academy Award Nominees and Winners

The 88th Academy Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles on February 28, 2016. Below are 16 vocabulary words drawn from some of the nominated and winning screenplays and from personal quotes from the winners of the acting awards.
16 Words

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