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Giving Words

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving is widely recognized as "Giving Tuesday." The point of this social movement is to encourage people to give instead of get, and it's cleverly timed to follow the gluttony (both culinary and commercial) of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday has become an important fundraising event for charitable and nonprofit organizations around the world.
12 Words

Material World: Shopping Lingo

Attention, Holiday Shoppers! Stock up on these words related to consumer culture. They're a real bargain, and a great vocabulary never goes out of style. Read the full article: Attention, Shoppers! The Pricey Language of Consumerism.
22 Words

Eat Your Words

We’ve all been advised to not talk with our mouths full. It makes you wonder why there are so many words related to hunger and the act of eating. Whether you are feasting or on a diet, here is some essential eating vocabulary. Feast on this related article: A Cornucopia of Words: Thanksgiving Lingo is Food for Thought
16 Words

This Week in Pop Culture: November 10 - 16, 2018

We've scoured this week's entertainment news and rounded up our favorite vocab words from the stories that everyone's buzzing about.
12 Words

A Lexical Zoo of Animal Adjectives

This marvelous menagerie of descriptive words includes terms that we don't want to end up on the endangered vocabulary list, so learn them and use them! Read the full article: The Serpentine Path of Animal Adjectives
25 Words

Be Nice: Words for World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is November 13. Whether you're making a special effort to practice kindness today — or thanking someone else for a thoughtful gesture — these words will come in handy.
10 Words

This Week in Pop Culture: November 3 - 9, 2018

We've scoured this week's entertainment news and rounded up our favorite vocab words from the stories that everyone's buzzing about.
10 Words

Election Lingo

Vote for vocabulary! Learn these words associated with elections.
20 Words

Mayhem! Chaos! Pandemonium!

This disorderly group of words will come in handy the next time bedlam breaks out or pandemonium erupts. Use them with extreme caution. Read the full article here: Havoc! Bedlam! Mayhem! The Lingo of Pandemonium
12 Words

Fossils 101

Study these paleontology terms and bone up on dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. You'll also unearth information about fossils, geology, and more.
25 Words

Curmudgeon, Cantankerous and Churlish: Grouchy Words

Archetypal grumpy-old-man W.C. Fields famously quipped: "Start every day off with a smile and get it over with." Whether you are a curmudgeon yourself or just know one, take a moment to delight in the lingo of grouchiness. Read the full article: The Cranky Lexicon of Curmudgeons Day
20 Words

Down on the Farm

Harvest this crop of freshly picked words related to farming, and cultivate a fruitful vocabulary.
20 Words

Feeling Sorry?

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but don’t hang your head in shame if you don’t know how to say you're sorry. Here’s your chance to atone for your shameful vocabulary. Read the full article: "Sorry, Not Sorry: Playing the Blame Game and Remorse Roulette"
12 Words

Punctuation Matters

These punctuation terms are good to know, period. Learn what an apostrophe’s purpose is; find out what a semicolon is for. Are you confused about question marks? Probably not (although you may be mystified by parentheses). This list is sure to make you as excited as an exclamation point!
15 Words

Words Every Pirate Should Know

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is celebrated on September 19. In the swashbuckling spirit, this list covers words every self-respecting pirate should know: parts of a ship, sailing jargon, terms for pirates, etc. With these words at your command, you can take the whole pirate thing way beyond "arrgh," eyepatches, and annoying birds that perch on your shoulder. For more, check out the full article: Buccaneer, Bilge and Booty: Words Every Self-respecting Pirate Should Know
15 Words

Dog Vocabulary: A Canine Lexicon

For Fido's next new trick, teach him some of these words that describe canine companions. What's even more amazing than a talking dog? A spelling bee.
15 Words

The Sweltering Words of Summer

Looking for a variety of words to choose from when complaining about how hot it is? You're in luck! There are plenty of ways to gripe about just how stifling the summer months can be. For more, check out the article: Sweltering Words for the Nuclear Summer.
13 Words

Quiz yourself on these words spoken by the man at the center of the "Laurel" / "Yanny" craze!

Jay Aubrey Jones pronounced more than 36,000 words for Vocabulary.com (including laurel). Here are some of the most esoteric. See if you can spell them while listening to the dulcet tones of Jay's voice!
100 Words

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

National Pack Rat Day is May 17th. Here's a hoard of highly collectable words that'll help you amass an impressive vocabulary. Read the related article: Highly Collectable Words for National Pack Rat Day
12 Words

Horsin' Around

Even if it’s not Derby Day, you can’t say neigh to this list of horse vocabulary. Quit stalling and practice these 20 words!
20 Words

May the 4th Be With You: Star Words

Rejoice, Star Wars fans! May the 4th is National Star Wars Day! The epic film series launched plenty of words—like Jedi and Wookiee—but it also made use of existing words, giving them a new spin, and a new force, if you will. Our Star Wars lexicon will serve you well in any galaxy. Read the full article here.
25 Words

Words from "The Avengers"

Add to your formidable vocabulary arsenal by learning these words inspired by "The Avengers" movies.
25 Words

Friday the 13th

If you suffer from triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13), you may want to stop reading now. Different cultures have considered Friday and the number 13 unlucky for thousands of years. Even today, some believe that the combination of the two is an especially jinxed event. The words on this list all relate to superstition, belief, luck, and unexplained phenomena.
13 Words

Cat Vocabulary: A Feline Lexicon

Whether you're a cat-person or have a case of feline phobia, here are 13 words to describe these lithe, stealthy creatures.
13 Words

Smoke and Mirrors: The Lingo of Illusion and Deception

Whether or not you're practiced in the art of deception, learn these words related to tricks, traps and illusions. Read the full article: Seeing Through the Lexicon of Smoke and Mirrors Day
14 Words

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