If you're confident your favorite team will win the championship even though the star player is injured, you may want to reconsider: don't let your team spirit cause you to overestimate, or overvalue, the team's abilities.

When you estimate something, you make a calculation or a judgment of its value. So, when you overestimate, you assign too much value to the thing you are judging. If you overestimate how much time you have left to get to school, you could be late. Likewise, if you overestimate how prepared you are for a test, you might end up with a poor grade. This verb is the opposite of underestimate, or “to assign too little value.”

Definitions of overestimate
  1. verb
    make too high an estimate of
    “He overestimated his own powers”
    synonyms: overrate
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    underestimate, underrate
    make too low an estimate of
    overcapitalise, overcapitalize
    overestimate the market value of
    type of:
    judge incorrectly
  2. verb
    assign too high a value to
    “You are overestimating the value of your old car”
    synonyms: overvalue
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    underestimate, undervalue
    assign too low a value to
    type of:
    fix or determine the value of; assign a value to
  3. noun
    an appraisal that is too high
    synonyms: overappraisal, overestimation, overvaluation
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    type of:
    appraisal, estimate, estimation
    a document appraising the value of something (as for insurance or taxation)
  4. noun
    a calculation that results in an estimate that is too high
    synonyms: overestimation, overrating, overreckoning
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    type of:
    approximation, estimate, estimation, idea
    an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth
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