When you misjudge someone, you have mistaken ideas about what they're like. Politicians who misjudge their constituents aren't often reelected.

If you've ever found yourself jumping to conclusions about someone after meeting them once, and then realizing they aren't the way you thought they were, you know what it is to misjudge someone. If a tennis player misjudges her opponent, she's likely to miss an unexpected shot and lose the match. When you judge, you form an opinion about someone or something. Now add the "bad or wrong" prefix mis-, and you've got misjudge.

Definitions of misjudge
  1. verb
    judge incorrectly
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    underestimate, underrate
    make too low an estimate of
    overestimate, overrate
    make too high an estimate of
    miscalculate, misestimate
    judge incorrectly
    sell short
    underestimate the real value or ability of
    overcapitalise, overcapitalize
    overestimate the market value of
    type of:
    err, mistake, slip
    make a mistake or be incorrect
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