The noun estimation refers to a judgment of the qualities of something or someone. In your estimation no boy will be good enough for your daughter. He could be the kindest and smartest person on the planet and you'd still find fault.

The noun estimation has its Latin roots in aestimare, meaning "to value." One of the definitions for estimation is an approximate calculation of something's value. If you go to an auction, you can often review a catalog that will have an estimation of the value of each item for sale. Sometimes the items sell for more than the estimation and sometimes less. The auctioneer hopes there are many bids for the pair of stone lions, but if you're bidding, you hope you're the only one who wants them.

Definitions of estimation
  1. noun
    an approximate calculation of quantity or degree or worth
    synonyms: approximation, estimate, idea
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    estimation of the amount of lumber in a log
    credit, credit rating
    an estimate, based on previous dealings, of a person's or an organization's ability to fulfill their financial commitments
    dead reckoning, guess, guessing, guesswork, shot
    an estimate based on little or no information
    guesstimate, guestimate
    an estimate that combines reasoning with guessing
    overestimate, overestimation, overrating, overreckoning
    a calculation that results in an estimate that is too high
    underestimate, underestimation, underrating, underreckoning
    an estimation that is too low; an estimate that is less than the true or actual value
    type of:
    calculation, computation, figuring, reckoning
    problem solving that involves numbers or quantities
  2. noun
    a judgment of the qualities of something or somebody
    “in my estimation the boy is innocent”
    synonyms: estimate
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    an expert estimation of the quality, quantity, and other characteristics of someone or something
    capitalisation, capitalization
    an estimation of the value of a business
    market capitalisation, market capitalization
    an estimation of the value of a business that is obtained by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by the current price of a share
    type of:
    assessment, judgement, judgment
    the act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event
  3. noun
    a document appraising the value of something (as for insurance or taxation)
    synonyms: appraisal, estimate
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    overappraisal, overestimate, overestimation, overvaluation
    an appraisal that is too high
    type of:
    commercial document, commercial instrument
    a document of or relating to commerce
  4. noun
    the respect with which a person is held
    “they had a high estimation of his ability”
    synonyms: estimate
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    report, reputation
    the general estimation that the public has for a person
    type of:
    esteem, regard, respect
    an attitude of admiration or esteem
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