Definitions of recognise
  1. verb
    perceive to be the same
    synonyms: recognize
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    consider to be equal or the same
    misidentify, mistake
    identify incorrectly
    type, typecast
    identify as belonging to a certain type
    distinguish flavors
    type of:
    call back, call up, recall, recollect, remember, retrieve, think
    recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection
  2. verb
    be fully aware or cognizant of
    synonyms: agnise, agnize, realise, realize, recognize
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    know the nature or character of
    type of:
    cognise, cognize, know
    be cognizant or aware of a fact or a specific piece of information; possess knowledge or information about
  3. verb
    detect with the senses
    synonyms: discern, distinguish, make out, pick out, recognize, spot, tell apart
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    make clearly visible
  4. verb
    accept (someone) to be what is claimed or accept his power and authority
    synonyms: acknowledge, know, recognize
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    type of:
    consider or hold as true
  5. verb
    grant credentials to
    synonyms: accredit, recognize
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    type of:
    certify, licence, license
    authorize officially
  6. verb
    express obligation, thanks, or gratitude for
    synonyms: acknowledge, recognize
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    recognize with gratitude; be grateful for
    type of:
    give thanks, thank
    express gratitude or show appreciation to
  7. verb
    show approval or appreciation of
    synonyms: recognize
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    honor, honour, reward
    bestow honor or rewards upon
    place in the church calendar as a red-letter day honoring a saint
    drink, pledge, salute, toast, wassail
    propose a toast to
    dignify, ennoble
    confer dignity or honor upon
    award a mark of honor, such as a medal, to
    type of:
    appreciate, prize, treasure, value
    hold dear
  8. verb
    express greetings upon meeting someone
    synonyms: greet, recognize
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    shake hands
    take someone's hands and shake them as a gesture of greeting or congratulation
    bob, curtsy
    make a curtsy; usually done only by girls and women; as a sign of respect
    greet in a friendly way
    present, salute
    recognize with a gesture prescribed by a military regulation; assume a prescribed position
    honor with a military ceremony, as when honoring dead soldiers
    hail, herald
    greet enthusiastically or joyfully
    receive, welcome
    bid welcome to; greet upon arrival
    say farewell
    say good-bye or bid farewell
    bid, wish
    invoke upon
    congratulate, felicitate
    express congratulations
    greet with a salaam
    dismiss, usher out
    end one's encounter with somebody by causing or permitting the person to leave
    type of:
    accost, address, come up to
    speak to someone
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