To dignify is to grant nobility or respect to something. Dignifying raises the status of things.

Dignity is a quality of honor and respect, so to dignify is to give greater respect and honor to something or someone. The presence of the President would dignify a military ceremony. Medals are given to dignify soldiers. Treating people with respect and taking them seriously dignifies them. Often, this word is used in a negative sense, as in "I wouldn't dignify him with an answer!" That means the speaker doesn't feel the person asking the question deserves respect.

Definitions of dignify

v confer dignity or honor upon

“He was dignified with a title”
Type of:
honor, honour, reward
bestow honor or rewards upon

v raise the status of

“I shall not dignify this insensitive remark with an answer”
Type of:
elevate, lift, raise
raise in rank or condition

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