A blaze is a bright, strong flame. A raging fire is blazing and you can also say other types of shining, like with talent, are types of blazing.

A fire is a blaze. Fire, when it's going strong and burning bright, is blazing. The greater the blaze, the harder a fire is to put out. You can also use this word for other types of brightness or shining. When Michael Jordan played in the NBA, he blazed across the league. Fashion trends that catch on quickly blaze across the country. If something spreads or shines like wildfire, it blazes.

Definitions of blaze
  1. noun
    a strong flame that burns brightly
    “the blaze spread rapidly”
    synonyms: blazing
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    type of:
    fire, flame, flaming
    the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and (often) smoke
  2. noun
    noisy and unrestrained mischief
    “raising blazes
    synonyms: hell
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    type of:
    devilment, devilry, deviltry, mischief, mischief-making, mischievousness, rascality, roguery, roguishness, shenanigan
    reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others
  3. verb
    shine brightly and intensively
    “Meteors blazed across the atmosphere”
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    type of:
    beam, shine
    emit light; be bright, as of the sun or a light
  4. verb
    burn brightly and intensely
    “The summer sun alone can cause a pine to blaze
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    type of:
    burn, combust
    undergo combustion
  5. verb
    shoot rapidly and repeatedly
    “He blazed away at the men”
    synonyms: blaze away
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    type of:
    blast, shoot
    fire a shot
  6. verb
    move rapidly and as if blazing
    “The spaceship blazed out into space”
    synonyms: blaze out
  7. noun
    a light within the field of vision that is brighter than the brightness to which the eyes are adapted
    synonyms: brilliance, glare
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    type of:
    the location of a visual perception along a continuum from black to white
  8. noun
    a light-colored marking
    “they chipped off bark to mark the trail with blazes
    “the horse had a blaze between its eyes”
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    type of:
    a pattern of marks
  9. verb
    indicate by marking trees with blazes
    blaze a trail”
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    type of:
    designate as if by a mark
  10. noun
    a cause of difficulty and suffering
    “go to blazes
    synonyms: hell
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    type of:
    an event causing distress or pain
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