The quality of being playfully naughty is mischievousness. I wouldn't put your sister in charge of the balloons for the party — her mischievousness might result in a water balloon attack later!

A rascally child and a practical joker are both known for their mischievousness. Calling someone on the phone to ask if their refrigerator is running doesn't demonstrate your originality — but it does highlight your mischievousness! Think of it as a tendency to make mischief, which is often slightly funny, frequently annoying, and usually harmless.

Definitions of mischievousness
  1. noun
    an attribute of mischievous children
    synonyms: badness, naughtiness
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    prankishness, rascality, roguishness
    the trait of indulging in disreputable pranks
    type of:
    the trait of being unwilling to obey
  2. noun
    the trait of behaving like an imp
    synonyms: impishness, puckishness, whimsicality
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    type of:
    fun, playfulness
    a disposition to find (or make) causes for amusement
  3. noun
    reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others
    synonyms: devilment, devilry, deviltry, mischief, mischief-making, rascality, roguery, roguishness, shenanigan
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    blaze, hell
    noisy and unrestrained mischief
    monkey business
    mischievous or deceitful behavior
    hooliganism, malicious mischief, vandalism
    willful wanton and malicious destruction of the property of others
    type of:
    misbehavior, misbehaviour, misdeed
    improper or wicked or immoral behavior
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