Other forms: hells

Hell is a terrible state or place of pain, suffering, and misery. If you're religious, you might believe in hell as a place where bad people go after they die.

Even if you don't subscribe to a religion that includes a concept of eternal hell for evil or blasphemous people, you might use the word to describe a terrible place or situation. Someone who's suffered an agonizing ordeal might say, "I've been through hell." The phrase "when hell freezes over" basically means "never," since hell is famous for its reputation as burning with infinite fire.

Definitions of hell
  1. noun
    any place of pain and turmoil
    “the hell of battle”
    synonyms: hell on earth, hellhole, inferno, snake pit, the pits
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    type of:
    part, region
    the extended spatial location of something
  2. noun
    violent and excited activity
    synonyms: sin
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    type of:
    any specific behavior
  3. noun
    noisy and unrestrained mischief
    synonyms: blaze
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    type of:
    devilment, devilry, deviltry, mischief, mischief-making, mischievousness, rascality, roguery, roguishness, shenanigan
    reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others
  4. noun
    a cause of difficulty and suffering
    “war is hell
    synonyms: blaze
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    type of:
    an event causing distress or pain




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