To disfigure something is to ruin its appearance, which is what would happen if you drew a big bushy mustache and a pair of antennae on the Mona Lisa.

Unfortunately, disfigured people are almost always portrayed in the media as villains, or victims. The word does suggest a negative view of someone (after all, it doesn't just mean changing way something looks but specifically spoiling it). Organizations for disfigured people, however, like Changing Faces in England, have claimed the word as their own and use it proudly.

Definitions of disfigure

v mar or spoil the appearance of

“The vandals disfigured the statue”
blemish, deface
show 4 types...
hide 4 types...
mangle, maul
injure badly by beating
mark, pit, pock, scar
mark with a scar
mark with or as if with pockmarks
cicatrise, cicatrize
form a scar, after an injury
Type of:
deflower, impair, mar, spoil, vitiate
make imperfect

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