A crisscross is a pattern of lines that cross or intersect. Your favorite shirt might be printed with pink and purple crisscrosses.

You might doodle a crisscross pattern during class or stitch crisscrosses on a quilt. You can also use the word as a verb, meaning to cross in a pattern: "The sidewalks crisscross the city," or "I watched the dogs crisscross the beach." The word dates from the 1800s, from the Middle English crist-cross, or "Christ's cross," which was a mark traditionally made before the alphabet in a schoolbook or primer.

Definitions of crisscross

n a marking that consists of lines that cross each other

cross, mark
Type of:
a pattern of marks

adj marked with crossing lines

reticular, reticulate
resembling or forming a network

adv crossing one another in opposite directions

v mark with a pattern of crossing lines

crisscross the sheet of paper”
Type of:
make or leave a mark on

v mark with or consist of a pattern of crossed lines

“wrinkles crisscrossed her face”
Type of:
mark with lines

v cross in a pattern, often random

Type of:
cover, cross, cut across, cut through, get across, get over, pass over, track, traverse
travel across or pass over

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