Hamilton: Act One

Some vocabulary that might help you understand the first act of Hamilton more completely. Suggestions and edits have been provided by various twitter users, such as @Lucette212, @M_Dow, and @drbabyphat! My twitter username is @halatious, please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Genius.com is also a spectacular place to read an annotated version of the lyrics to all of Hamilton, which is more extensive when it comes to explaining specific allusions, metaphors, etc! http://genius.com/albums/Lin-manuel-miranda/Hamilton-original-broadway-cast-recording

Second act here!

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  1. bastard
    the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents
  2. providence
    a manifestation of God's foresightful care for his creatures
  3. impoverished
    poor enough to need help from others
  4. squalor
    sordid dirtiness
  5. scholar
    a learned person
  6. temple
    the flat area on either side of the forehead
  7. refrain
    part of a song or poem that recurs at regular intervals
  8. testament
    strong evidence for something
  9. whence
    from what place, source, or cause
  10. astute
    marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
  11. destitute
    poor enough to need help from others
  12. restitution
    the act of restoring something to its original state
  13. bursar
    the treasurer at a college or university
  14. bargain
    an agreement between parties fixing obligations of each
  15. redcoat
    British soldier; so-called because of his red coat
  16. revolutionary
    markedly new or introducing radical change
  17. prodigy
    an unusually gifted or intelligent person
  18. verse
    a piece of poetry
  19. imminent
    close in time; about to occur
  20. scrappy
    full of fighting spirit
  21. astonish
    affect with wonder
  22. unimpeachable
    beyond doubt or reproach
  23. brandish
    move or swing back and forth
  24. famished
    extremely hungry
  25. relentless
  26. ascendancy
    the state when one person or group has power over another
  27. unrest
    a state of turbulent change or agitation
  28. anarchy
    a state of lawlessness and disorder
  29. knucklehead
    a stupid person
  30. battalion
    an army unit consisting of a headquarters and companies
  31. fraught
    filled with or attended with
  32. manumission
    the formal act of freeing from slavery
  33. abolitionist
    a reformer who favors putting an end to slavery
  34. melody
    a succession of notes forming a distinctive sequence
  35. flask
    a small bottle that has a narrow neck
  36. vengeance
    harming someone in retaliation for something they have done
  37. defendant
    someone against whom an action is brought in a court of law
  38. casualty
    someone injured or killed in an accident
  39. slum
    spend time at a lower socio-economic level than one's own
  40. common
    having no special distinction or quality
  41. urchin
    a poor and often mischievous city child
  42. intense
    possessing a distinctive feature to a heightened degree
  43. compel
    force somebody to do something
  44. proceeding
    a sequence of steps by which legal judgments are invoked
  45. rabble
    a disorderly crowd of people
  46. heed
    careful attention
  47. unravel
    become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers of
  48. eloquent
    expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively
  49. astray
    away from the right path or direction
  50. modulate
    fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of
  51. divisive
    causing or characterized by disagreement or disunity
  52. indecisive
    characterized by lack of resoluteness
  53. nicety
    conformity with some standard of correctness or propriety
  54. hurl
    throw forcefully
  55. estrangement
    separation resulting from hostility
  56. submissive
    inclined or willing to give in to orders or wishes of others
  57. venerate
    regard with feelings of respect and reverence
  58. embellish
    make more attractive, as by adding ornament or color
  59. fleeting
    lasting for a markedly brief time
  60. batter
    strike violently and repeatedly
  61. stamina
    enduring strength and energy
  62. divvy
    separate into parts or portions
  63. scrutiny
    the act of examining something closely, as for mistakes
  64. mutiny
    open rebellion against constituted authority
  65. dire
    fraught with extreme danger; nearly hopeless
  66. flee
    run away quickly
  67. contrary
    exact opposition
  68. precede
    be earlier in time
  69. renown
    the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed
  70. martyr
    one who voluntarily suffers death
  71. phenomenon
    any state or process known through the senses
  72. arrogant
    having or showing feelings of unwarranted importance
  73. loudmouth
    a person who causes trouble by speaking indiscreetly
  74. quill
    the hollow spine of a feather
  75. undeniable
    not possible to contradict
  76. reliable
    worthy of trust
  77. deflower
    deprive of virginity
  78. proximity
    the property of being close together
  79. feral
    wild and menacing
  80. tomcat
    male cat
  81. revel
    engage in uproarious festivities
    Within the context of the musical, to revel is to have a party involving drinking and dancing.
  82. harem
    living quarters for wives in some Muslim households
    Within this context, a harem is a group of women romantically/sexually involved with the same man.
  83. dollop
    a soft lump or portion of something, especially food
  84. dreamlike
    resembling a dream
  85. pang
    a sudden sharp feeling
  86. frame
    the internal structure that gives an artifact its shape
  87. aflame
    lighted up by or as by fire or flame
  88. wit
    mental ability
  89. catch
    take hold of so as to seize or stop the motion of
  90. fidget
    move restlessly
  91. askance
    with suspicion or disapproval
  92. fundamental
    serving as an essential component
  93. witty
    demonstrating striking cleverness and humor
  94. status
    the condition or someone or something at a particular time
  95. elevate
    raise from a lower to a higher position
  96. naive
    marked by or showing unaffected simplicity
  97. resign
    accept as inevitable
  98. sensible
    able to feel or perceive
  99. brimstone
    an old name for sulfur
  100. hymn
    a song of praise, especially a religious song
  101. inimitable
  102. restraint
    the act of controlling by holding someone or something back
  103. despondent
    without or almost without hope
  104. sixpence
    a small coin of the United Kingdom worth six pennies
    "Sing a Song of Sixpence" is an English nursery rhyme.
  105. cavalry
    troops trained to fight on horseback
  106. resort
    have recourse to
  107. correspondence
    an attribute of a shape or relation
  108. outrage
    a disgraceful event
  109. provoke
    provide the needed stimulus for
  110. outright
    without reservation or concealment
  111. justify
    show to be right by providing proof
  112. camaraderie
    the quality of affording easy familiarity and sociability
  113. contraband
    distributed or sold illicitly
  114. entrust
    put into the care or protection of someone
  115. device
    an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose
  116. disobey
    refuse to go along with; refuse to follow; be disobedient
  117. commandment
    something that is commanded
  118. lieutenant
    a commissioned military officer
  119. reckon
    expect, believe, or suppose
  120. negotiate
    discuss the terms of an arrangement
  121. commonplace
    completely ordinary and unremarkable
  122. dispute
    the act of coming into conflict
  123. civility
    the act of showing regard for others
  124. kin
    a person related to another or others
  125. adrenaline
    a secretion in response to stress, stimulating nerve action
  126. absurd
    inconsistent with reason or logic or common sense
  127. ruinous
    extremely harmful; bringing catastrophe
  128. yield
    give or supply
  129. bluff
    a high steep bank
  130. aggravate
    make worse
  131. relish
    vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment
  132. legacy
    a gift of personal property by will
  133. narrative
    an account that tells the particulars of an act or event
  134. ragtag
    disparaging terms for the common people
  135. victorious
    having won
  136. quagmire
    a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot
  137. henchman
    someone who assists in a plot
  138. confound
    be confusing or perplexing to
  139. rendezvous
    a meeting planned at a certain time and place
  140. consolidate
    form into a solid mass or whole
  141. resilience
    ability of a material to return to its original shape
  142. tactical
    pertaining to detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives
  143. massacre
    the savage and excessive killing of many people
  144. firsthand
    received directly from a source
  145. command
    an authoritative direction or instruction to do something
  146. expect
    regard something as probable or likely
  147. seize
    take hold of; grab
  148. covenant
    an agreement between God and his people
  149. ruffian
    a cruel and brutal fellow
  150. parapet
    a low wall along the edge of a roof or balcony
  151. frantic
    marked by uncontrolled excitement or emotion
  152. stagger
    walk with great difficulty
  153. query
    an instance of questioning
  154. bear
    be pregnant with
  155. deliberation
    careful consideration
  156. corruption
    use of a position of trust for dishonest gain
  157. harmony
    compatibility in opinion and action
  158. stall
    a small area set off for special use
  159. injustice
    the practice of being unfair
  160. mediocrity
    ordinariness as a consequence of being average
  161. indelicate
    slightly indecent, offensive, or improper
  162. listless
    lacking zest or vivacity
  163. bright
    emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts
  164. proclamation
    a formal public statement
  165. succinct
    briefly giving the gist of something
  166. persuasive
    intended or having the power to induce action or belief
  167. amendment
    a statement that is added to a proposal or document
  168. notion
    a general inclusive concept
  169. tension
    the action of stretching something tight
  170. accompany
    go or travel along with
  171. in loco parentis
    in place of the parents
  172. fire and brimstone
    (Old Testament) God's means of destroying sinners
Created on November 7, 2015 (updated November 11, 2015)

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