Use the adjective inimitable to describe someone or something that is so special or unique, it is impossible to duplicate, like that superstar tennis player with the inimitable serve no other player can copy.

To correctly pronounce inimitable, accent the second syllable: "ih-NIH-muh-tuh-bul" Inimitable comes from imitabilis, meaning “imitable,” or “that which can be imitated.” Comedians, for example, find the way certain celebrities talk to be quite imitable. But add the prefix in-, meaning “not,” and you get “not imitated.” Use this word to describe things that are truly one-of-a-kind and just can't be copied.

Definitions of inimitable

adj defying imitation; matchless

“an inimitable style”
irreproducible, unreproducible
impossible to reproduce or duplicate

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