Calling something reliable means you can count on it to come through when you need it; it's dependable. If you're headed out for an around-the-world sailing trip, hopefully your lifejacket is reliable.

You can certainly rely on something reliable because it's trustworthy and responsible. Reliable people usually show up on time, never flake out, and always tell the truth. A reliable car isn't likely to break down and will get you from place to place safely. And if you happen to lose your trusty sidekick, good luck looking for a reliable replacement.

Definitions of reliable

adj worthy of reliance or trust

“a reliable source of information”
certain, sure
reliable in operation or effect
tested, time-tested, tried, tried and true
tested and proved to be reliable
used of values and principles; not subject to change; steady
trustworthy, trusty
worthy of trust or belief
undependable, unreliable
not worthy of reliance or trust
erratic, temperamental
likely to perform unpredictably
not consistent or dependable
of e.g. advice
untrustworthy, untrusty
not worthy of trust or belief
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adj worthy of being depended on

“a reliable sourcSFLe of information”
dependable, honest, true
trustworthy, trusty
worthy of trust or belief

adj conforming to fact and therefore worthy of belief

reliable information”
trustworthy, trusty
worthy of trust or belief

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