If your moods change quickly and dramatically, people might describe you as temperamental. If you weren't so temperamental, maybe your friends would open up to you more. Did I say something wrong?

The adjective temperamental can also be used to describe objects that behave unpredictably. A temperamental air conditioner can make for a long, hot summer. Fortunately, you're not temperamental or you might have smashed it to bits by now. The second “e” in temperamental gets swallowed so that it sounds like "temp-ra-MENT-al" (four syllables).

Definitions of temperamental
  1. adjective
    subject to sharply varying moods
    “a temperamental opera singer”
    synonyms: moody
    of more than usual emotion
  2. adjective
    relating to or caused by temperament
    temperamental indifference to neatness”
    temperamental peculiarities”
  3. adjective
    likely to perform unpredictably
    “a temperamental motor”
    “"that beautiful but temperamental instrument the flute"- Osbert Lancaster”
    synonyms: erratic, wayward
    undependable, unreliable
    not worthy of reliance or trust
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