To negotiate is to try to work out an agreement between parties that each want something out of the deal. You might negotiate with your mom — offering to do more chores for a raise in your allowance. Good luck.

Negotiation is all about give and take. Governments are always negotiating with unions, trying to define the terms of new contracts. The government might offer the teachers union a raise, if they agree to work 200 days a year instead of 180. The verb negotiate can also mean to successfully pass through or travel along. You may have to negotiate a hazardous road, or a tricky path through sticker bushes.

Primary Meanings of negotiate

discuss the terms of an arrangement
succeed in passing through, around, or over
Full Definitions of negotiate

v discuss the terms of an arrangement

“They negotiated the sale of the house”
negociate, talk terms
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arbitrate, intercede, intermediate, liaise, mediate
act between parties with a view to reconciling differences
renegociate, renegotiate
revise the terms of in order to limit or regain excess profits gained by the contractor
bargain, dicker
negotiate the terms of an exchange
act as a broker
chaffer, haggle, higgle, huckster
wrangle (over a price, terms of an agreement, etc.)
roll over
negociate to repay a loan at a later date for an additional fee
Type of:
discuss, hash out, talk over
speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion

v succeed in passing through, around, or over

Type of:
go across, go through, pass
go across or through

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