If you do something outright, you do it in a wholehearted, unrestricted way. If you declare outright that you’re never eating another cupcake, that’s the end of that. If you eat one anyway, you told an outright lie.

If an event is cancelled outright, there's no question about it being rescheduled, and if you buy a new car outright, you pay for it all at once, instead of making monthly payments. Outright means direct and immediate — whether it's an adverb or an adjective: "The child's outright refusal to put on his shoes exasperated his babysitter." It can also mean “right away.” If you step on a slug, you’ll probably kill it outright. Ew.

Primary Meanings of outright

without reservation or concealment
without reservation or exception
without any delay
Full Definitions of outright

adv without reservation or concealment

“she asked him outright for a divorce”

adv without restrictions or stipulations or further payments

“buy outright

adj without reservation or exception

straight-out, unlimited
not limited or restricted

adv without any delay

“he was killed outright
in a flash, instantaneously, instantly

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