An artifact is a man-made object that has some kind of cultural significance. If you find a 12th-century vase, it's an artifact of that time. Don't drop it!

Artifact is a combination of two Latin words, arte, meaning "by skill" and factum which means "to make." Usually when you use the word artifact, you are describing something crafted that was used for a particular purpose during a much earlier time.

Definitions of artifact
  1. noun
    a man-made object taken as a whole
    synonyms: artefact
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    natural object
    an object occurring naturally; not made by man
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    one of a class of artifacts
    something designed and created to serve a particular function and to afford a particular convenience or service
    any artifact (such as books or furniture or art) that is distinctive of America
    an artifact that belongs to another time
    an artifact surviving from the past
    a solid piece of something (usually having flat rectangular sides)
    any artifact that resembles a button
    commodity, good, trade good
    articles of commerce
    any cone-shaped artifact
    an artifact that covers something else (usually to protect or shelter or conceal it)
    an artifact that has been brought into existence by someone
    (often used in combinations) something constructed with multiple levels
    decoration, ornament, ornamentation
    something used to beautify
    any artifact that has been plated with a thin coat of metal by electrolysis
    a hole in the ground made by excavating
    duplicate, extra
    something additional of the same kind
    cloth, fabric, material, textile
    artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers
    facility, installation
    a building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry
    an object firmly fixed in place (especially in a household)
    something that floats on the surface of water
    insert, inset
    an artifact that is inserted or is to be inserted
    instrumentality, instrumentation
    an artifact (or system of artifacts) that is instrumental in accomplishing some end
    bed, layer
    single thickness of usually some homogeneous substance
    lemon, stinker
    an artifact (especially an automobile) that is defective or unsatisfactory
    something (as a cord or rope) that is long and thin and flexible
    some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something
    something designed to mystify or bewilder
    a vacant or unobstructed space that is man-made
    cushioning, padding
    artifact consisting of soft or resilient material used to fill or give shape or protect or add comfort
    plaything, toy
    an artifact designed to be played with
    a manufactured artifact (as a garment or piece of furniture) that is made in advance and available for purchase
    some artifact that has been restored or reconstructed
    flat solid, sheet
    a flat artifact that is thin relative to its length and width
    any spherically shaped artifact
    any artifact having a shape similar to a plane geometric figure with four equal sides and four right angles
    any artifact that makes a squeaking sound when used
    slip, strip
    artifact consisting of a narrow flat piece of material
    construction, structure
    a thing constructed; a complex entity constructed of many parts
    the outer boundary of an artifact or a material layer constituting or resembling such a boundary
    an artifact
    a pair of parallel rails providing a runway for wheels
    any artifact consisting of a road or path affording passage from one place to another
    an artifact that is heavy
    building material
    material used for constructing buildings
    pavement, paving, paving material
    material used to pave an area
    a fabric woven from goat hair and camel hair
    access, approach
    a way of entering or leaving
    a synthetic fabric
    a decoration of color or interest that is added to relieve plainness
    a trademark for a loosely woven cotton fabric that is used to make shirts and underwear
    airdock, hangar, repair shed
    a large structure at an airport where aircraft can be stored and maintained
    airfield, field, flying field, landing field
    a place where planes take off and land
    a thin glossy fabric made of the wool of the Lama pacos, or made of a rayon or cotton imitation of that wool
    a raised structure on which gifts or sacrifices to a god are made
    any piece of furniture or decorative object or the like produced in a former period and valuable because of its beauty or rarity
    a heavy block of iron or steel on which hot metals are shaped by hammering
    a man-made opening; usually small
    an ornament that interlaces simulated foliage in an intricate design
    arboretum, botanical garden
    a facility where trees and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition
    arcade, colonnade
    a structure composed of a series of arches supported by columns
    (architecture) a masonry construction (usually curved) for spanning an opening and supporting the weight above it
    architectural ornament
    (architecture) something added to a building to improve its appearance
    a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function
    art, fine art
    the products of human creativity; works of art collectively
    article of commerce
    an article that is offered for sale
    artificial skin
    a synthetic covering with two layers used experimentally to treat burn victims
    athletic facility
    a facility for athletic events
    backing, mount
    something forming a back that is added for strengthening
    the meeting place of a group of leaders who make their decisions via private negotiations
    a bright green fabric napped to resemble felt; used to cover gaming tables
    a platform projecting from the wall of a building and surrounded by a balustrade or railing or parapet
    an upper floor projecting from the rear over the main floor in an auditorium
    a spherical object used as a plaything
    small thin inflatable rubber bag with narrow neck
    a thin flat strip of flexible material that is worn around the body or one of the limbs (especially to decorate the body)
    band, ring
    a strip of material attached to the leg of a bird to identify it (as in studies of bird migration)
    a thin flat strip or loop of flexible material that goes around or over something else, typically to hold it together or as a decoration
    a structure or device in which one end is counterbalanced by the other (on the principle of the seesaw)
    basic, staple
    (usually plural) a necessary commodity for which demand is constant
    basket weave
    a cloth woven of two or more threads interlaced to suggest the weave of a basket
    bathroom fixture
    any fixture in a bathroom
    a dyed fabric; a removable wax is used where the dye is not wanted
    a thin plain-weave cotton or linen fabric; used for shirts or dresses
    beading, beadwork
    ornamentation with beads
    (nautical) a short line with an eye at one end and a knot at the other; used to secure loose items on a ship
    the flat surface of a printing press on which the type form is laid in the last stage of producing a newspaper or magazine or book etc.
    the flared opening of a tubular device
    the material of which belts are made
    blackboard, chalkboard
    sheet of slate; for writing with chalk
    a piece of material ready to be made into something
    a layer of lead surrounding the highly reactive core of a nuclear reactor
    a flat piece of material designed for a special purpose
    board, gameboard
    a flat portable surface (usually rectangular) designed for board games
    a structure of boards
    bob, bobber, bobfloat, cork
    a small float usually made of cork; attached to a fishing line
    a hanging weight, especially a metal ball on a string
    the external structure of a vehicle
    a twilled fabric used for dresses; the warp is silk and the weft is worsted
    bookmark, bookmarker
    a marker (a piece of paper or ribbon) placed between the pages of a book to mark the reader's place
    the part of a boot above the instep
    bore, bore-hole, drill hole
    a hole or passage made by a drill; usually made for exploratory purposes
    a fabric of uneven yarn that has an uneven knobby effect
    a decorative interlacing of ribbons
    an ornament or utensil made of brass
    an article that is fragile and easily broken
    breech, rear of barrel, rear of tube
    opening in the rear of the barrel of a gun where bullets can be loaded
    rectangular block of clay baked by the sun or in a kiln; used as a building or paving material
    bridge, span
    a structure that allows people or vehicles to cross an obstacle such as a river or canal or railway etc.
    briquet, briquette
    a block made from charcoal or coal dust and burned as fuel
    a closely woven silk or synthetic fabric with a narrow crosswise rib
    a densely textured woolen fabric with a lustrous finish
    thick heavy expensive material with a raised pattern
    a dome-shaped covering made of transparent glass or plastic
    a coarse cotton fabric stiffened with glue; used in bookbinding and to stiffen clothing
    building, edifice
    a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place
    building block
    a block of material used in construction work
    building complex, complex
    a whole structure (as a building) made up of interconnected or related structures
    a loosely woven fabric used for flags, etc.
    cafeteria facility
    (usually plural) facilities for providing food for employees or visitors
    bar, cake
    a block of solid substance (such as soap or wax)
    coarse cloth with a bright print
    a finely woven white linen
    camel's hair, camelhair
    a soft tan cloth made with the hair of a camel
    a fabric of Asian origin; originally made of silk and camel's hair
    camo, camouflage
    fabric dyed with splotches of green and brown and black and tan; intended to make the wearer of a garment made of this fabric hard to distinguish from the background
    the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air
    the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit
    canvas, canvass
    a heavy, closely woven fabric (used for clothing or chairs or sails or tents)
    a soft fabric made from the wool of the Cashmere goat
    the outermost covering of a pneumatic tire
    a structure in which water is collected (especially a natural drainage area)
    centerpiece, centrepiece
    something placed at the center of something else (as on a table)
    an artifact made of hard brittle material produced from nonmetallic minerals by firing at high temperatures
    a waterproof waxed cloth once used as a shroud
    chafing gear
    covering (usually rope or canvas) of a line or spar to protect it from friction
    a soft lightweight fabric (usually printed)
    a lightweight fabric woven with white threads across a colored warp
    a heavy fabric woven with chenille cord; used in rugs and bedspreads
    a sheer fabric of silk or rayon
    a coarse twilled cotton fabric frequently used for uniforms
    a brightly printed and glazed cotton fabric
    a triangular wooden float attached to the end of a log line
    chock, wedge
    a block of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object
    chopping block
    a steady wooden block on which food can be cut or diced or wood can be split
    Christmas tree
    an ornamented evergreen used as a Christmas decoration
    a creation of the highest excellence
    cloak, scrim
    anything that covers or conceals
    cloth covering
    a covering made of cloth
    article of clothing, clothing, habiliment, vesture, wear, wearable
    a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
    coat, coating
    a thin layer covering something
    a heavy fabric suitable for coats
    a fabric so delicate and transparent as to resemble a web of a spider
    an ornament (such as a knot of ribbon or a rosette) usually worn on the hat
    anything used as a toy horse (such as a rocking horse or one knee of an adult)
    coil, helix, spiral, volute, whorl
    a structure consisting of something wound in a continuous series of loops
    structure consisting of a row of evenly spaced columns
    column, pillar
    a vertical cylindrical structure standing alone and not supporting anything (such as a monument)
    communication equipment, communication system
    facility consisting of the physical plants and equipment for disseminating information
    something that is created by arranging several things to form a unified whole
    connecter, connection, connective, connector, connexion
    an instrumentality that connects
    consumer goods
    goods (as food or clothing) intended for direct use or consumption
    any object that can be used to hold things (especially a large metal boxlike object of standardized dimensions that can be loaded from one form of transport to another)
    conveyance, transport
    something that serves as a means of transportation
    a line made of twisted fibers or threads
    cord, corduroy
    a cut pile fabric with vertical ribs; usually made of cotton
    corner, quoin
    (architecture) solid exterior angle of a building; especially one formed by a cornerstone
    fabric woven from cotton fibers
    Canton flannel, cotton flannel
    a stout cotton fabric with nap on only one side
    balance, counterbalance, counterpoise, counterweight, equaliser, equalizer
    a weight that balances another weight
    facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport
    course, row
    (construction) a layer of masonry
    cover plate
    covering consisting of a plate used to cover over or close in a chamber or receptacle
    cramp, cramp iron
    a strip of metal with ends bent at right angles; used to hold masonry together
    crape, crepe
    a soft thin light fabric with a crinkled surface
    an unglazed heavy fabric; brightly printed; used for slipcovers and draperies
    a stiff coarse fabric used to stiffen hats or clothing
    a wooden structure consisting of an upright post with a transverse piece
    metal block that connects to a piston; it slides on parallel guides and moves a connecting rod back and forth
    cube, square block
    a block in the (approximate) shape of a cube
    a soft bag filled with air or a mass of padding such as feathers or foam rubber etc.
    the layer of air that supports a hovercraft or similar vehicle
    a fabric of linen or cotton or silk or wool with a reversible pattern woven into it
    any structure that is very unsafe; where people are likely to be killed
    defence, defense, defensive structure
    a structure used to defend against attack
    an excavation; usually a quarry or mine
    denim, dungaree, jean
    a coarse durable twill-weave cotton fabric
    deposit, depositary, depository, repository
    a facility where things can be deposited for storage or safekeeping
    design, figure, pattern
    a decorative or artistic work
    an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose
    fabric covered with glittering ornaments such as sequins or rhinestones
    a fabric (usually cotton or linen) with a distinctive woven pattern of small repeated figures
    dickey, dickie, dicky, shirtfront
    a man's detachable insert (usually starched) to simulate the front of a shirt
    diggings, digs
    an excavation for ore or precious stones or for archaeology
    a strong cotton fabric with a raised pattern; used for bedcovers and curtains
    a long narrow excavation in the earth
    a fine smooth soft woolen fabric
    doll, dolly
    a small replica of a person; used as a toy
    doll's house, dollhouse
    a small model of a house used as a toy by children
    a small rectangular block used in playing the game of dominoes; the face of each block has two equal areas that can bear 0 to 6 dots
    a structure where people live or work (usually ordered along a street or road)
    a sterile covering arranged over a patient's body during a medical examination or during surgery in order to reduce the possibility of contamination
    cloth gracefully draped and arranged in loose folds
    any installation designed to accommodate patrons in their automobiles
    drygoods, soft goods
    textiles or clothing and related merchandise
    a heavy cotton fabric of plain weave; used for clothing and tents
    duffel, duffle
    a coarse heavy woolen fabric
    either of a pair of ear coverings (usually connected by a headband) that are worn to keep the ears warm in cold weather
    a fabric made of yarns containing an elastic material
    a superfluous ornament
    (architecture) the structure consisting of the part of a classical temple above the columns between a capital and the roof
    a commodity that enters competition with established merchandise
    an instrumentality needed for an undertaking or to perform a service
    a structure that has been erected
    a public or private structure (business or governmental or educational) including buildings and equipment for business or residence
    etamin, etamine
    a soft cotton or worsted fabric with an open mesh; used for curtains or clothing etc.
    exit, issue, outlet, way out
    an opening that permits escape or release
    export, exportation
    commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country
    the striking or working surface of an implement
    a ribbed woven fabric of silk or rayon or cotton
    false bottom
    a horizontal structure that partitions a ship or box (especially one built close to the actual bottom)
    padding that is worn inside a brassiere
    fancy goods
    goods that are chiefly ornamental
    a fabric made of compressed matted animal fibers
    fiber, fibre, vulcanized fiber
    a leatherlike material made by compressing layers of paper or cloth
    fig leaf
    a covering consisting of anything intended to conceal something regarded as shameful
    film, plastic film
    a thin sheet of (usually plastic and usually transparent) material used to wrap or cover things
    one of the parts of a glove that provides covering for a finger or thumb
    an ornament at the top of a spire or gable; usually a foliated fleur-de-lis
    the chief one of a related group
    a soft light woolen fabric; used for clothing
    a cotton fabric imitating flannel
    any broad, thin, and limber covering attached at one edge; hangs loose or projects freely
    a soft bulky fabric with deep pile; used chiefly for clothing
    floor, level, storey, story
    a structure consisting of a room or set of rooms at a single position along a vertical scale
    floor cover, floor covering
    a covering for a floor
    floral arrangement, flower arrangement
    a decorative arrangement of flowers
    fly, fly front
    an opening in a garment that is closed by a zipper or by buttons concealed under a fold of cloth
    covering that is folded over to protect the contents
    falderol, folderal, frill, gimcrack, gimcrackery, nonsense, trumpery
    ornamental objects of no great value
    footgear, footwear
    covering for a person's feet
    assembly, forum, meeting place
    a public facility to meet for open discussion
    a light plain-weave or twill-weave silk or silklike fabric (usually with a printed design)
    a structure from which an artificially produced jet of water arises
    a heavy woolen fabric with a long nap
    a light, plastic disk about 10 inches in diameter; propelled with a flip of the wrist for recreation or competition
    a commodity that is freely interchangeable with another in satisfying an obligation
    (usually plural) the instrumentalities (furniture and appliances and other movable accessories including curtains and rugs) that make a home (or other area) livable
    a strong cotton and linen fabric with a slight nap
    bulk commodities bought or sold at an agreed price for delivery at a specified future date
    a firm durable fabric with a twill weave
    crack, gap
    a narrow opening
    an ornament consisting of a grotesquely carved figure of a person or animal
    any decoration added as a trimming or adornment
    gas system
    facility (plant and equipment) for providing natural-gas service
    a thin silk dress material
    a clothing fabric in a plaid weave
    a sphere on which a map (especially of the earth) is represented
    graffiti, graffito
    a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls
    one of several strips across a sail that can be taken in or rolled up to lessen the area of the sail that is exposed to the wind
    a coarse fabric of silk mixed with wool or mohair and often stiffened with gum
    a silk or silklike fabric with crosswise ribs
    (art) the surface (as a wall or canvas) prepared to take the paint for a painting
    a structure or marking that serves to direct the motion or positioning of something
    gun muzzle, muzzle
    the open circular discharging end of a gun
    hair, haircloth
    cloth woven from horsehair or camelhair; used for upholstery or stiffening in garments
    hanging, wall hanging
    decoration that is hung (as a tapestry) on a wall or over a window
    hardware, ironware
    instrumentalities (tools or implements) made of metal
    a twilled fabric with a herringbone pattern
    hobby, hobbyhorse, rocking horse
    a child's plaything consisting of an imitation horse mounted on rockers; the child straddles it and pretends to ride
    an opening deliberately made in or through something
    a rough loosely woven fabric originally made with yarn that was spun at home
    exhaust hood, hood
    metal covering leading to a vent that exhausts smoke or fumes
    (falconry) a leather covering for a hawk's head
    hood ornament
    an ornament on the front of the hood of a car emblematic of the manufacturer
    hopsack, hopsacking
    a loosely woven coarse fabric of cotton or linen; used in clothing
    horizontal surface, level
    a flat surface at right angles to a plumb line
    a fabric made from fibers taken from the mane or tail of horses; used for upholstery
    card-house, cardcastle, cardhouse, house of cards
    an unstable construction with playing cards
    housing, living accommodations, lodging
    structures collectively in which people are housed
    plaything consisting of a tubular plastic hoop for swinging around the hips
    the frame or body of a ship
    imbrication, lapping, overlapping
    covering with a design in which one element covers a part of another (as with tiles or shingles)
    instrumentation (a piece of equipment or tool) used to effect an end
    import, importation
    commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country
    a creation spoken or written or composed extemporaneously (without prior preparation)
    encrustation, incrustation
    a decorative coating of contrasting material that is applied to a surface as an inlay or overlay
    block of metal, ingot, metal bar
    metal that is cast in the shape of a block for convenient handling
    a decoration made by fitting pieces of wood into prepared slots in a surface
    the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the arch of the foot
    inlet, intake
    an opening through which fluid is admitted to a tube or container
    decor, interior decoration
    decoration consisting of the layout and furnishings of a livable interior
    a layer placed between other layers
    small opening between things
    innovation, invention
    a creation (a new device or process) resulting from study and experimentation
    plaything consisting of a toy clown that jumps out of a box when the lid is opened
    a lightweight cotton cloth with a smooth and slightly stiff finish; used for clothing and bandages
    a highly figured fabric woven on a Jacquard loom
    jungle gym
    a structure of vertical and horizontal rods where children can climb and play
    jumping jack
    plaything consisting of a toy figure with movable joints that can be made to dance by pulling strings
    an optical toy in a tube; it produces symmetrical patterns as bits of colored glass are reflected by mirrors
    khaddar, khadi
    a coarse homespun cotton cloth made in India
    a sturdy twilled cloth of a yellowish brown color used especially for military uniforms
    plaything consisting of a light frame covered with tissue paper; flown in wind at end of a string
    Klein bottle
    a closed surface with only one side; formed by passing one end of a tube through the side of the tube and joining it with the other end
    knickknack, novelty
    a small inexpensive mass-produced article
    a fabric made by knitting
    knob, pommel
    an ornament in the shape of a ball on the hilt of a sword or dagger
    a delicate decorative fabric woven in an open web of symmetrical patterns
    a fabric interwoven with threads of metal
    a sheet of material made by bonding two or more sheets or layers
    a layered structure
    landing, landing place
    structure providing a place where boats can land people or goods
    a narrow way or road
    laniard, lanyard
    (nautical) a line used for extending or fastening rigging on ships
    lead, leading
    thin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing
    imitation leather, leatherette
    fabric made to look like leather
    Lego, Lego set
    (trademark) a brand of interlocking building bricks and construction toys
    line thrown from a vessel that people can cling to in order to save themselves from drowning
    line that raises or lowers a deep-sea diver
    flotation device, life preserver, preserver
    rescue equipment consisting of a buoyant belt or jacket to keep a person from drowning
    one of the layers forming the heel of a shoe or boot
    lighting fixture
    a fixture providing artificial light
    a fabric woven with fibers from the flax plant
    a rough fabric of linen warp and wool or cotton woof
    cotton or linen fabric with the nap raised on one side; used to dress wounds
    a fabric woven with lisle thread
    burden, load, loading
    weight to be borne or conveyed
    lookout, lookout station, observation tower, observatory
    a structure commanding a wide view of its surroundings
    fenestella, lunette
    oval or circular opening; to allow light into a dome or vault
    a crescent-shaped metal ornament of the Bronze Age
    a heavy woolen cloth heavily napped and felted, often with a plaid design
    macintosh, mackintosh
    a lightweight waterproof (usually rubberized) fabric
    a light patterned cotton cloth
    a weight added to the scale to reach a required weight
    strong cotton fabric with a raised pattern; used for bedspreads
    a covering to disguise or conceal the face
    structure built of stone or brick by a mason
    master, master copy, original
    an original creation (i.e., an audio recording) from which copies can be made
    a covering of coarse fabric (usually of straw or hemp)
    an instrumentality for accomplishing some end
    Meccano, Meccano set
    a child's construction set for making mechanical models
    a thin pliable sheet of material
    memorial, monument
    a structure erected to commemorate persons or events
    menagerie, zoo, zoological garden
    the facility where wild animals are housed for exhibition
    (physics) the curved upper surface of a nonturbulent liquid in a vertical tube
    merchandise, product, ware
    commodities offered for sale
    mercy seat
    the golden covering of the ark of the covenant
    a fabric made of a yarn that is partly or entirely of metal
    any commodity of intermediate quality or size (especially when coarse particles of ground wheat are mixed with bran)
    military installation
    any facility servicing military forces
    excavation in the earth from which ores and minerals are extracted
    excavation consisting of a vertical or sloping passageway for finding or mining ore or for ventilating a mine
    miter, mitre
    the surface of a beveled end of a piece where a miter joint is made
    Mobius strip
    a continuous closed surface with only one side; formed from a rectangular strip by rotating one end 180 degrees and joining it with the other end
    fabric made with yarn made from the silky hair of the Angora goat
    moire, watered-silk
    silk fabric with a wavy surface pattern
    molding, moulding
    a decorative strip used for ornamentation or finishing
    a durable cotton fabric with a velvety nap
    monk's cloth
    a heavy cloth in basket weave
    mooring, mooring line
    (nautical) a line that holds an object (especially a boat) in place
    a thick velvety synthetic fabric used for carpets and soft upholstery
    a heavy fabric of wool (or wool and cotton) used mostly in upholstery or for curtains
    a multicolored woolen fabric woven of mixed threads in 14th to 17th century England
    hill, mound
    structure consisting of an artificial heap or bank usually of earth or stones
    mousseline de sole
    a gauze-like fabric of silk or rayon
    the opening of a jar or bottle
    a nonstructural vertical strip between the casements or panes of a window (or the panels of a screen)
    plain-woven cotton fabric
    something resembling the head of a nail that is used as an ornamental device
    a durable fabric formerly loomed by hand in China from natural cotton having a yellowish color
    neck, neck opening
    an opening in a garment for the neck of the wearer; a part of the garment near the wearer's neck
    decoration worn about the neck (fur piece or tight necklace) as an ornament
    needlecraft, needlework
    a creation created or assembled by needle and thread
    mesh, meshing, meshwork, net, network
    an open fabric of string or rope or wire woven together at regular intervals
    a fine strong sheer silky fabric made of silk or rayon or nylon
    a wooden block built into a masonry wall so that joinery structure can be nailed to it
    (usually plural) small personal articles or clothing or sewing items
    a small (usually square or hexagonal) metal block with internal screw thread to be fitted onto a bolt
    a synthetic fabric
    impediment, impedimenta, obstructer, obstruction, obstructor
    any structure that makes progress difficult
    cloth treated on one side with a drying oil or synthetic resin
    olive drab
    a cloth of an olive-brown color used for military uniforms
    a fabric made of silk or a silklike fabric that resembles organdy
    a layer of decorative material (such as gold leaf or wood veneer) applied over a surface
    a flat mass of soft material used for protection, stuffing, or comfort
    inking pad, inkpad, pad, stamp pad
    a block of absorbent material saturated with ink; used to transfer ink evenly to a rubber stamp
    paddle box, paddle-box
    a wooden covering for the upper part of a paddlewheel
    a line that is attached to the bow of a boat and used for tying up (as when docking or towing)
    a soft wool fabric with a colorful swirled pattern of curved shapes
    sheet that forms a distinct (usually flat and rectangular) section or component of something
    panting, trousering
    any fabric used to make trousers
    a weight used to hold down a stack of papers
    divider, partition
    a vertical structure that divides or separates (as a wall divides one room from another)
    a way through or along which someone or something may pass
    an opening that resembles a window between two rooms (especially a shelved opening between a kitchen and dining room that is used to pass dishes)
    a way especially designed for a particular use
    pea shooter
    a straight narrow tube through which pellets (as dried peas) can be blown at a target
    a fabric woven with flecks of light and dark
    a fine closely woven cotton fabric
    durable press, permanent press
    a fabric that has been chemically processed to resist wrinkles and hold its shape
    piece of cloth, piece of material
    a separate part consisting of fabric
    something that resembles a tablet of medicine in shape or size
    pilot cloth
    a thick blue cloth used to make overcoats and coats for sailors etc
    plaything consisting of a container filled with toys and candy; suspended from a height for blindfolded children to break with sticks
    a fabric with very thin stripes
    pinwheel, pinwheel wind collector
    a toy consisting of vanes of colored paper or plastic that is pinned to a stick and spins when it is pointed into the wind
    tightly woven fabric with raised cords
    pit, quarry, stone pit
    a surface excavation for extracting stone or slate
    (nautical) a covering or flooring constructed of planks (as on a ship)
    plaster, plasterwork
    a surface of hardened plaster (as on a wall or ceiling)
    a sheet of metal or wood or glass or plastic
    photographic plate, plate
    a flat sheet of metal or glass on which a photographic image can be recorded
    plate glass, sheet glass
    glass formed into large thin sheets
    platform, weapons platform
    any military structure or vehicle bearing weapons
    playhouse, wendy house
    plaything consisting of a small model of a house that children can play inside of
    plumbing fixture
    a fixture for the distribution and use of water in a building
    a fabric with a nap that is longer and softer than velvet
    (usually in combinations) one of several layers of cloth or paper or wood as in plywood
    pogo stick
    plaything consisting of a pole with foot rests and a strong spring; propelled by jumping
    any of a large class of synthetic fabrics
    a soft thin cloth woven from raw silk (or an imitation)
    a float supporting a seaplane
    an excavation that is (usually) filled with water
    plaything consisting of a toy gun that makes a popping sound
    a ribbed fabric used in clothing and upholstery
    a structure attached to the exterior of a building often forming a covered entrance
    embrasure, port, porthole
    an opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through
    post and lintel
    a structure consisting of vertical beams (posts) supporting a horizontal beam (lintel)
    grid, power grid, power system
    a system of high tension cables by which electrical power is distributed throughout a region
    a prefabricated structure
    a fabric with a dyed pattern pressed onto it (usually by engraved rollers)
    product, production
    an artifact that has been created by someone or some process
    any structure that branches out from a central support
    protection, protective cover, protective covering
    a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury
    comfort station, convenience, public convenience, public lavatory, public toilet, restroom, toilet facility, wash room
    a toilet that is available to the public
    public works
    structures (such as highways or schools or bridges or docks) constructed at government expense for public use
    a material used for making a quilt, or a quilted fabric
    a flat float (usually made of logs or planks) that can be used for transport or as a platform for swimmers
    railroad, railroad track, railway
    a line of track providing a runway for wheels
    a place for shooting (firing or driving) projectiles of various kinds
    ratlin, ratline
    (nautical) a small horizontal rope between the shrouds of a sailing ship; they form a ladder for climbing aloft
    a baby's toy that makes percussive noises when shaken
    a synthetic silklike fabric
    recreation facility, recreational facility
    a public facility for recreation
    an antiquity that has survived from the distant past
    remake, remaking
    creation that is created again or anew
    rep, repp
    a fabric with prominent rounded crosswise ribs
    a creation that is a visual or tangible rendering of someone or something
    ribbon, typewriter ribbon
    a long strip of inked material for making characters on paper with a typewriter
    road, route
    an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation
    Roman building
    a building constructed by the ancient Romans
    cellar, root cellar
    an excavation where root vegetables are stored
    a strong line
    a Scandinavian style of carved or painted decoration (as on furniture or walls or dinnerware) consisting of floral motifs
    a coarse cloth resembling sacking
    bagging, sacking
    coarse fabric used for bags or sacks
    any structure that resembles a sail
    a strong fabric (such as cotton canvas) used for making sails and tents
    a heavy silk fabric (often woven with silver or gold threads); used to make clothing in the Middle Ages
    sandbox, sandpile, sandpit
    a plaything consisting of a pile of sand or a box filled with sand for children to play in
    a cotton fabric with a satiny finish
    a smooth fabric of silk or rayon; has a glossy face and a dull back
    satinet, satinette
    a fabric with a finish resembling satin but made partly or wholly from cotton or synthetic fiber
    an accurately levelled strip of material placed on a wall or floor as guide for the even application of plaster or concrete
    concealment, cover, covert, screen
    a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something
    projection screen, screen, silver screen
    a white or silvered surface where pictures can be projected for viewing
    fabric of metal or plastic mesh
    a firm open-weave fabric used for a curtain in the theater
    a light puckered fabric (usually striped)
    dandle board, seesaw, teeter, teeter-totter, teeterboard, teetertotter, tilting board
    a plaything consisting of a board balanced on a fulcrum; the board is ridden up and down by children at either end
    a twilled woolen fabric
    offset, set-back, setoff
    structure where a wall or building narrows abruptly
    set decoration
    a decoration used as part of the set of a theatrical or movie production
    sewage system, sewage works, sewer system
    facility consisting of a system of sewers for carrying off liquid and solid sewage
    a ceramic or mural decoration made by scratching off a surface layer to reveal the ground
    a fabric with long coarse nap
    a heavy silk fabric with a rough surface (or a cotton imitation)
    a smooth crisp fabric
    mainsheet, sheet, shroud, tack, weather sheet
    (nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind
    fabric from which bed sheets are made
    sheet metal
    sheet of metal formed into a thin plate
    a structure that provides privacy and protection from danger
    any of various fabrics used to make men's shirts
    fabric forming the tail of a shirt
    a structure resembling a shoebox (as a rectangular building or a cramped room or compartment)
    the commodities purchased from stores
    a line that suspends the harness from the canopy of a parachute
    an extended outer surface of an object
    sign, signboard
    structure displaying a board on which advertisements can be posted
    a sturdy twill-weave cotton fabric; used for pockets and linings
    a fabric made from the fine threads produced by certain insect larvae
    a weight that sinks (as to hold nets or fishing lines under water)
    an outer surface (usually thin)
    block consisting of a thick piece of something
    playground slide, slide, sliding board
    plaything consisting of a sloping chute down which children can slide
    catapult, sling, slingshot
    a plaything consisting of a Y-shaped stick with elastic between the arms; used to propel small stones
    a long narrow opening
    something that is extraordinary or remarkable or prominent
    soap dish
    a bathroom or kitchen fixture for holding a bar of soap
    a facility where something is available
    an elastic synthetic fabric
    spandrel, spandril
    an approximately triangular surface area between two adjacent arches and the horizontal plane above them
    spiral, volute
    ornament consisting of a curve on a plane that winds around a center with an increasing distance from the center
    sponge cloth
    any soft porous fabric (especially in a loose honeycomb weave)
    sporting goods
    sports equipment sold as a commodity
    an opening that allows the passage of liquids or grain
    an ornament that resembles a spray of leaves or flowers
    arena, bowl, sports stadium, stadium
    a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
    staircase, stairway
    a way of access (upward and downward) consisting of a set of steps
    a coarse woolen cloth formerly used for undergarments and usually dyed bright red
    something that can be relied on when needed
    starting block
    block providing bracing for a runner's feet at start of a race
    a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose
    a thin strip of metal or bone that is used to stiffen a garment (e.g. a corset)
    stela, stele
    an ancient upright stone slab bearing markings
    a sheet of material (metal, plastic, cardboard, waxed paper, silk, etc.) that has been perforated with a pattern (printing or a design); ink or paint can pass through the perforations to create the printed pattern on the surface below
    a solid block joined to the beams in which the heel of a ship's mast or capstan is fixed
    stick horse
    a child's plaything consisting on an imitation horse's head on one end of a stick
    building material consisting of a piece of rock hewn in a definite shape for a special purpose
    line consisting of a complex of fibers or filaments that are twisted together to form a thread or a rope or a cable
    rivet, stud
    ornament consisting of a circular rounded protuberance (as on a vault or shield or belt)
    padding put in mattresses and cushions and upholstered furniture
    suede, suede cloth
    a fabric made to resemble suede leather
    a fabric used for suits
    outer surface of an area or a body
    structure consisting of the part of a ship above the main deck
    supporting structure
    a structure that serves to support something
    swage block
    an iron block cut with holes and grooves to assist in cold working metal
    swan's down
    soft woolen fabric used especially for baby clothes
    cloth coverings wrapped around something (as a wound or a baby)
    mechanical device used as a plaything to support someone swinging back and forth
    instrumentality that combines interrelated interacting artifacts designed to work as a coherent entity
    a short strip of material attached to or projecting from something in order to facilitate opening or identifying or handling it
    a crisp smooth lustrous fabric
    fin, tail fin, tailfin
    one of a pair of decorations projecting above the rear fenders of an automobile
    plain-woven (often glazed) fabric of wool or wool and cotton used especially formerly for linings and garments and curtains
    tapa, tappa
    a paperlike cloth made in the South Pacific by pounding tapa bark
    a long thin piece of cloth or paper as used for binding or fastening
    tapestry, tapis
    a heavy textile with a woven design; used for curtains and upholstery
    plaid, tartan
    a cloth having a crisscross design
    teddy, teddy bear
    plaything consisting of a child's toy bear (usually plush and stuffed with soft materials)
    terry, terry cloth, terrycloth
    a pile fabric (usually cotton) with uncut loops on both sides; used to make bath towels and bath robes
    an opening in the vamp of a shoe at the instep
    the part of a glove that provides a covering for the thumb
    a strong fabric used for mattress and pillow covers
    one of two or more layers one atop another
    a showy decoration that is basically valueless
    the part of footwear that provides a covering for the toes
    toilet articles, toiletry
    artifacts used in making your toilet (washing and taking care of your body)
    cover, top
    covering for a hole (especially a hole in the top of a container)
    spinning top, teetotum, top, whirligig
    a conical child's plaything tapering to a steel point on which it can be made to spin
    toweling, towelling
    any of various fabrics (linen or cotton) used to make towels
    a structure taller than its diameter; can stand alone or be attached to a larger building
    towing line, towing rope, towline, towrope
    (nautical) a rope used in towing
    either of two lines that connect a horse's harness to a wagon or other vehicle or to a whiffletree
    decoration consisting of an open pattern of interlacing ribs
    train set
    a toy consisting of small models of railroad trains and the track for them to run on
    streetcar track, tramline, tramway
    the track on which trams or streetcars run
    structure forming the transverse part of a cruciform church; crosses the nave at right angles
    transit, transportation, transportation system
    a facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods
    the grooved surface of a pneumatic tire
    a supporting structure composed of a system of connected trestles; for a bridge or pier or scaffold e.g.
    thick woolen fabric used for clothing; originated in Scotland
    a cloth with parallel diagonal lines or ribs
    a small metal block bearing a raised character on one end; produces a printed character when inked and pressed on paper
    covering (padding and springs and webbing and fabric) on a piece of furniture
    upholstery material
    the fabric used in upholstering
    a facility composed of one or more pieces of equipment connected to or part of a structure and designed to provide a service such as heat or electricity or water or sewage disposal
    an artifact that deviates from a norm or standard
    (architecture) a vaulted structure
    nylon fabric used as a fastening
    velour, velours
    heavy fabric that resembles velvet
    a silky densely piled fabric with a plain back
    a usually cotton fabric with a short pile imitating velvet
    vertical surface
    a surface that is vertical
    a soft wool fabric made from the fleece of the vicuna
    a fabric made from a twilled mixture of cotton and wool
    a light semitransparent fabric
    a layer of material that encloses space
    articles of the same kind or material; usually used in combination: `silverware', `software'
    a fabric treated to be easily washable and to require no ironing
    watercourse, waterway
    a conduit through which water flows
    squirt gun, squirter, water gun, water pistol
    plaything consisting of a toy pistol that squirts water
    any fabric impervious to water
    water, water supply, water system
    a facility that provides a source of water
    shipway, slipway, ways
    structure consisting of a sloping way down to the water from the place where ships are built or repaired
    arms, implements of war, munition, weaponry, weapons system
    weapons considered collectively
    weather strip, weather stripping, weatherstrip, weatherstripping
    a narrow strip of material to cover the joint of a door or window to exclude the cold
    a fabric (especially a fabric in the process of being woven)
    a strong fabric woven in strips
    a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine
    a structure built over a well
    a strong worsted or cotton fabric with a diagonal rib
    grille, lattice, wicket
    small opening (like a window in a door) through which business can be transacted
    a plain or twilled fabric of wool and cotton used especially for warm shirts or skirts and pajamas
    wind bell, wind chime
    a decorative arrangement of pieces of metal or glass or pottery that hang together loosely so the wind can cause them to tinkle
    a transparent opening in a vehicle that allow vision out of the sides or back; usually is capable of being opened
    an opening in a wall or screen that admits light and air and through which customers can be served
    wind tunnel
    a structure resembling a tunnel where air is blown at known velocities for testing parts of aircraft
    wire cloth
    fabric woven of metallic wire
    something that wobbles
    wool, woolen, woollen
    a fabric made from the hair of sheep
    worldly good, worldly possession
    a commodity or good associated with the earthly, rather than the spiritual, existence of human beings
    working, workings
    a mine or quarry that is being or has been worked
    work surface
    a horizontal surface for supporting objects used in working or playing games
    a woolen fabric with a hard textured surface and no nap; woven of worsted yarns "he wore a worsted suit"
    wrap, wrapper, wrapping
    the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped
    yard marker
    (football) a marker indicating the yard line
    fabric comprising a fitted part at the top of a garment
    a toy consisting of a spool that is reeled up and down on a string by motions of the hand
    a means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information
    an artistic or literary composition
    something (such as parsley) added to a dish for flavor or decoration
    a structure of small hexagonal cells constructed from beeswax by bees and used to store honey and larvae
    property or goods saved from damage or destruction
    balance, counterbalance, equilibrium, equipoise
    equality of distribution
    pina cloth
    a fine cloth made from pineapple fibers
    mixed asphalt and crushed gravel or sand; used especially for paving but also for roofing
    bricks and mortar
    building material consisting of bricks laid with mortar between them
    a building material that is a powder made of a mixture of calcined limestone and clay; used with water and sand or gravel to make concrete and mortar
    a strong hard building material composed of sand and gravel and cement and water
    covering material
    a material used by builders to cover surfaces
    fencing, fencing material
    material for building fences
    building material used in laying floors
    a mixture of cement and sand and water that is sprayed on a surface under pneumatic pressure
    insulant, insulating material, insulation
    a material that reduces or prevents the transmission of heat or sound or electricity
    lath and plaster
    a building material consisting of thin strips of wood that provide a foundation for a coat of plaster
    lumber, timber
    the wood of trees cut and prepared for use as building material
    a substance used as a bond in masonry or for covering a wall
    blacktop, blacktopping
    a black bituminous material used for paving roads or other areas; usually spread over crushed rock
    broken stone used in macadamized roadways
    tarmac, tarmacadam
    a paving material of tar and broken stone; mixed in a factory and shaped during paving
    roofing material
    building material used in constructing roofs
    shake, shingle
    building material used as siding or roofing
    material applied to the outside of a building to make it weatherproof
    building material consisting of plaster and hair; used to cover external surfaces of temporary structure (as at an exposition) or for decoration
    sticks and stone
    a general term for building materials
    wattle and daub
    building material consisting of interwoven rods and twigs covered with clay
    small pieces of shiny material used as decoration
    a piece of canvas cloth prepared as the surface for a painting
    a place where aquatic animals and plants are kept and publicly exhibited
    type of:
    unit, whole
    an assemblage of parts that is regarded as a single entity
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