Definitions of covering
  1. noun
    a natural object that covers or envelops
    “under a covering of dust”
    synonyms: cover, natural covering
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    a flattened rigid plate forming part of the body covering of many animals
    the hard largely calcareous covering of a mollusc or a brachiopod
    a hard outer covering as of some amoebas and sea urchins
    body covering
    any covering for the body or a body part
    case, sheath
    an enveloping structure or covering enclosing an animal or plant organ or part
    an outer protective covering such as the skin of an animal or a cuticle or seed coat or rind or shell
    blanket, mantle
    anything that covers
    crust, encrustation, incrustation
    a hard outer layer that covers something
    a natural covering (as by a fluid)
    cap, hood
    a protective covering that is part of a plant
    indument, indumentum
    a covering of fine hairs (or sometimes scales) as on a leaf or insect
    the inner top surface of a covered area or hollow space
    a rigid covering that envelops an object
    eggshell, shell
    the exterior covering of a bird's egg
    a thin layer covering the surface of a liquid
    any outer covering that can be shed or cast off (such as the cast-off skin of a snake)
    a covering of snow (as on a mountain peak)
    something that covers or cloaks like a garment
    outer layer of the spore-bearing organ in many fungi
    pericarp, seed vessel
    the ripened and variously modified walls of a plant ovary
    chlamys, floral envelope, perianth, perigone, perigonium
    collective term for the outer parts of a flower consisting of the calyx and corolla and enclosing the stamens and pistils
    sac, theca
    a case or sheath especially a pollen sac or moss capsule
    a membrane enclosing and protecting the developing spores especially that covering the sori of a fern
    tough protective covering of the woody stems and roots of trees and other woody plants
    the uppermost layer of branches and foliage in a forest
    hide, pelt, skin
    body covering of a living animal
    feather, plumage, plume
    the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds
    protective covering
    the tough natural covering of some organisms
    fish scale
    scale of the kind that covers the bodies of fish
    a protective structure resembling a scale
    one of the paired hinged shells of certain molluscs and of brachiopods
    the entire one-piece shell of a snail and certain other molluscs
    scallop shell
    a shell of a scallop
    oyster shell
    a shell of an oyster
    phragmacone, phragmocone
    the thin conical chambered internal shell (either straight or curved) of a belemnite
    outer sheath of the pupa of certain insects
    a hard protective sheath (as secreted by certain protoctists, for example)
    the shell of a marine organism
    the shell of a clam
    cutis, skin, tegument
    a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of touch
    cast-off skins or coverings of various organisms during ecdysis
    a covering for the body (or parts of it) consisting of a dense growth of threadlike structures (as on the human head); helps to prevent heat loss
    a covering over the surface of your head
    medullary sheath, myelin sheath
    a layer of myelin encasing (and insulating) the axons of medullated nerve fibers
    neurilemma, neurolemma
    thin membranous sheath around a nerve fiber
    the muscle and aponeurosis and skin covering the cranium
    the exterior protective or supporting structure or shell of many animals (especially invertebrates) including bony or horny parts such as nails or scales or hoofs
    calculus, tartar, tophus
    an incrustation that forms on the teeth and gums
    epicarp, exocarp
    outermost layer of the pericarp of fruits as the skin of a peach or grape
    the middle layer of a pericarp
    endocarp, pit, stone
    the hard inner (usually woody) layer of the pericarp of some fruits (as peaches or plums or cherries or olives) that contains the seed
    a dry dehiscent seed vessel or the spore-containing structure of e.g. mosses
    cinnamon, cinnamon bark
    aromatic bark used as a spice
    Chinese cinnamon, cassia bark
    aromatic bark of the cassia-bark tree; less desirable as a spice than Ceylon cinnamon bark
    cinnamon bark
    aromatic bark of Saigon cinnamon used medicinally as a carminative
    dried bark of various magnolias; used in folk medicine
    bur, burr
    seed vessel having hooks or prickles
    bark rich in tannin; bruised and cut in pieces to use for tanning; spent tanbark used as a ground covering
    the dried bark of the shrub mezereon
    canella, canella bark, white cinnamon
    highly aromatic inner bark of the Canella winterana used as a condiment and a tonic
    the petals or sepals of a flower that bend downward (especially the outer perianth of an iris)
    Jesuit's bark, Peruvian bark, cinchona, cinchona bark
    medicinal bark of cinchona trees; source of quinine and quinidine
    cascarilla bark, eleuthera bark, sweetwood bark
    aromatic bark of cascarilla; used as a tonic and for making incense
    outer membranous covering of some fruits or seeds
    cascara, cascara sagrada, chittam bark, chittem bark
    dried bark of the cascara buckthorn used as a laxative
    winter's bark
    aromatic bark having tonic and stimulant properties
    tapa, tapa bark, tappa, tappa bark
    the thin fibrous bark of the paper mulberry and Pipturus albidus
    angostura, angostura bark
    the bitter bark of a South American tree; used in medicines and liqueurs and bitters
    outer bark of the cork oak; used for stoppers for bottles etc.
    cork, phellem
    (botany) outer tissue of bark; a protective layer of dead cells
    type of:
    natural object
    an object occurring naturally; not made by man
  2. noun
    an artifact that covers something else (usually to protect or shelter or conceal it)
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    artificial skin
    a synthetic covering with two layers used experimentally to treat burn victims
    the part of a boot above the instep
    a dome-shaped covering made of transparent glass or plastic
    the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit
    the outermost covering of a pneumatic tire
    chafing gear
    covering (usually rope or canvas) of a line or spar to protect it from friction
    cloak, scrim
    anything that covers or conceals
    cloth covering
    a covering made of cloth
    article of clothing, clothing, habiliment, vesture, wear, wearable
    a covering designed to be worn on a person's body
    coat, coating
    a thin layer covering something
    cover plate
    covering consisting of a plate used to cover over or close in a chamber or receptacle
    a sterile covering arranged over a patient's body during a medical examination or during surgery in order to reduce the possibility of contamination
    either of a pair of ear coverings (usually connected by a headband) that are worn to keep the ears warm in cold weather
    fig leaf
    a covering consisting of anything intended to conceal something regarded as shameful
    one of the parts of a glove that provides covering for a finger or thumb
    any broad, thin, and limber covering attached at one edge; hangs loose or projects freely
    floor cover, floor covering
    a covering for a floor
    covering that is folded over to protect the contents
    footgear, footwear
    covering for a person's feet
    exhaust hood, hood
    metal covering leading to a vent that exhausts smoke or fumes
    (falconry) a leather covering for a hawk's head
    imbrication, lapping, overlapping
    covering with a design in which one element covers a part of another (as with tiles or shingles)
    the part of a shoe or stocking that covers the arch of the foot
    a covering to disguise or conceal the face
    a covering of coarse fabric (usually of straw or hemp)
    mercy seat
    the golden covering of the ark of the covenant
    paddle box, paddle-box
    a wooden covering for the upper part of a paddlewheel
    (nautical) a covering or flooring constructed of planks (as on a ship)
    protection, protective cover, protective covering
    a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury
    concealment, cover, covert, screen
    a covering that serves to conceal or shelter something
    cloth coverings wrapped around something (as a wound or a baby)
    the part of a glove that provides a covering for the thumb
    the part of footwear that provides a covering for the toes
    cover, top
    covering for a hole (especially a hole in the top of a container)
    covering (padding and springs and webbing and fabric) on a piece of furniture
    wrap, wrapper, wrapping
    the covering (usually paper or cellophane) in which something is wrapped
    accessory, accouterment, accoutrement
    clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing
    a piece of ornamented cloth that protects the back of a chair from hair oils
    apparel, clothes, dress, wearing apparel
    clothing in general
    armor, armour
    protective covering made of metal and used in combat
    array, raiment, regalia
    especially fine or decorative clothing
    attire, dress, garb
    clothing of a distinctive style or for a particular occasion
    the part of a garment that covers the back of your body
    an opaque adjustable flap on a lamp fixture; used in photography to cut off light from particular areas
    clothing to be worn at a beach
    bed clothing, bedclothes, bedding
    coverings that are used on a bed
    bell glass, bell jar
    a bell-shaped glass cover used to protect and display delicate objects or to cover scientific apparatus or to contain gases
    binder, ring-binder
    holds loose papers or magazines
    back, binding, book binding, cover
    the protective covering on the front, back, and spine of a book
    a protective coating of asphalt and filter used on structural metals that are exposed to weathering
    black clothing (worn as a sign of mourning)
    blind, screen
    a protective covering that keeps things out or hinders sight
    a hiding place sometimes used by hunters (especially duck hunters)
    a cloth used to cover the eyes
    blue clothing
    footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg
    cloth that covers the chest or breasts
    armguard, bracer
    a protective covering for the wrist or arm that is used in archery and fencing and other sports
    burial garment
    cloth used to cover a corpse in preparation for burial
    device or stratagem for concealment or deceit
    a top (as for a bottle)
    something serving as a cover or protection
    a different or fresh set of clothes
    civilian clothing, civilian dress, civilian garb, plain clothes
    ordinary clothing as distinguished from uniforms, work clothes, clerical garb, etc.
    a low transparent cover put over young plants to protect them from cold
    clog, geta, patten, sabot
    footwear usually with wooden soles
    a covering (plate or mat) that protects the surface of a table (i.e., from the condensation on a cold glass or bottle)
    coat of paint
    a layer of paint covering something else
    the loose back flap of a coat that hangs below the waist
    (15th-16th century) a flap for the crotch of men's tight-fitting breeches
    cold frame
    protective covering consisting of a wooden frame with a glass top in which small plants are protected from the cold
    cosy, cozy, tea cosy, tea cozy
    a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm
    crystal, watch crystal, watch glass
    a protective cover that protects the face of a watch
    domino, eye mask, half mask
    a mask covering the upper part of the face but with holes for the eyes
    clothing that is conventionally worn by the opposite sex (especially women's clothing when worn by a man)
    dressing, medical dressing
    a cloth covering for a wound or sore
    dust cover
    a removable plastic protective covering for a piece of equipment
    earflap, earlap
    one of two flaps attached to a cap to keep the ears warm
    the part of a sleeve that covers the elbow joint
    emulsion, photographic emulsion
    a light-sensitive coating on paper or film; consists of fine grains of silver bromide suspended in a gelatin
    any smooth glossy coating that resembles ceramic glaze
    any wrapper or covering
    eyepatch, patch
    a protective cloth covering for an injured eye
    a protective covering for the front of a machine or device (as a door lock or computer component)
    cladding, facing
    a protective covering that protects the outside of a building
    facing, veneer
    an ornamental coating to a building
    fall-board, fallboard
    the hinged protective covering that protects the keyboard of a piano when it is not being played
    false face
    a mask worn as part of a masquerade costume
    file folder
    folder that holds papers together in a filing cabinet
    film, plastic film
    a thin sheet of (usually plastic and usually transparent) material used to wrap or cover things
    escutcheon, finger plate, scutcheon
    a flat protective covering (on a door or wall etc) to prevent soiling by dirty fingers
    finish coat, finishing coat
    the final coating of plaster applied to walls and ceilings
    footwear (shoes or slippers) with no heel (or a very low heel)
    clothing worn on a person's feet
    an article of clothing
    gift wrapping
    ornamental wrapping for gifts
    gilding, gilt
    a coating of gold or of something that looks like gold
    gray, grey
    clothing that is a grey color
    hand wear, handwear
    clothing for the hands
    a cloth covering for a service cap with a flap extending over the back of the neck to protect the neck from direct rays of the sun
    headdress, headgear
    clothing for the head
    heat shield
    a protective covering that protects a spacecraft from overheating on reentry
    bonnet, cowl, cowling, hood
    protective covering consisting of a metal part that covers the engine
    a protective cover designed to contain or support a mechanical component
    an outer wrapping or casing
    dag, jag
    a flap along the edge of a garment; used in medieval clothing
    the part of a trouser leg that provides the cloth covering for the knee
    knitted clothing
    a hard glossy coating
    lap, overlap
    a flap that lies over another part
    lap, lap covering
    the part of a piece of clothing that covers the thighs
    a cloth covering consisting of the part of a pair of trousers that covers a person's leg
    leisure wear
    informal clothing designed to be worn when you are relaxing
    a movable top or cover (hinged or separate) for closing the opening at the top of a box, chest, jar, pan, etc.
    liner, lining
    a protective covering that protects an inside surface
    clothing suitable for relaxation
    manhole cover
    a flush iron cover for a manhole (as in a street)
    a protective covering worn over the face
    a thick flat pad used as a floor covering
    a small folder of paper safety matches
    man's clothing
    clothing that is designed for men to wear
    a protective covering of rotting vegetable matter spread to reduce evaporation and soil erosion
    an article of apparel worn about the neck
    nightclothes, nightwear, sleepwear
    garments designed to be worn in bed
    outerwear, overclothes
    clothing for use outdoors
    overcoat, overcoating
    an additional protective coating (as of paint or varnish)
    footwear that protects your shoes from water or snow or cold
    paint, pigment
    a substance used as a coating to protect or decorate a surface (especially a mixture of pigment suspended in a liquid); dries to form a hard coating
    parqueterie, parquetry
    a patterned wood inlay used to cover a floor
    a fine coating of oxide on the surface of a metal
    plastic wrap
    wrapping consisting of a very thin transparent sheet of plastic
    metal plating, plating
    a thin coating of metal deposited on a surface
    pocket flap
    a flap that covers the access to a pocket
    protective garment
    clothing that is intended to protect the wearer from injury
    range hood
    exhaust hood over a kitchen range
    ready-made clothing
    a coat of stucco applied to a masonry wall
    a protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building
    protective covering on top of a motor vehicle
    carpet, carpeting, rug
    floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric (usually with nap or pile)
    a protective covering consisting of netting; can be mounted in a frame
    the top of a container that must be screwed off and on
    a finishing coat applied to exclude moisture
    the cloth covering for the buttocks
    protective covering that protects something from direct sunlight
    a protective covering (as for a knife or sword)
    overlay, overlayer, sheathing
    protective covering consisting, for example, of a layer of boards applied to the studs and joists of a building to strengthen it and serve as a foundation for a weatherproof exterior
    protective covering that provides protection from the weather
    a protective covering or structure
    footwear shaped to fit the foot (below the ankle) with a flexible upper of leather or plastic and a sole and heel of heavier material
    a translucent screen made of a wooden frame covered with rice paper
    the part of a garment that covers or fits over the shoulder
    cloth covering that forms the part of a garment below the waist
    arm, sleeve
    the part of a garment that is attached at the armhole and that provides a cloth covering for the arm
    a removable fitted cloth covering for upholstered furniture
    an article of clothing (garment or shoe) that is easily slipped on or off
    carpet slipper, slipper
    low footwear that can be slipped on and off easily; usually worn indoors
    cheap clothing (as formerly issued to sailors in Britain)
    dashboard, splashboard, splasher
    protective covering consisting of a panel to protect people from the splashing water or mud etc.
    a protective covering over or beside a wheel to protect the upper part of a vehicle from splashes of mud
    screen consisting of a figure of a horse behind which a hunter hides while stalking game
    street clothes
    ordinary clothing suitable for public appearances (as opposed to costumes or sports apparel or work clothes etc.)
    custom-made clothing
    fly, fly sheet, rainfly, tent flap, tent-fly
    flap consisting of a piece of canvas that can be drawn back to provide entrance to a tent
    a movable protective covering that provided protection from above; used by Roman troops when approaching the walls of a besieged fortification
    protective covering for an injured thumb
    a protective leather or steel cover for the toe of a boot or shoe, reinforcing or decorating it
    duds, threads, togs
    informal terms for clothing
    the flap of material under the laces of a shoe or boot
    clothing of distinctive design worn by members of a particular group as a means of identification
    a coating that provides a hard, lustrous, transparent finish to a surface
    veneer, veneering
    coating consisting of a thin layer of superior wood glued to a base of inferior wood
    an archaic term for clothing
    splashboard, washboard
    protective covering consisting of a broad plank along a gunwale to keep water from splashing over the side
    a coating capable of making a surface waterproof
    woman's clothing
    clothing that is designed for women to wear
    work-clothes, work-clothing
    clothing worn for doing manual labor
    a thin or superficial layer on the surface of something
    a dark covering or cloud, as of smoke
    type of:
    artefact, artifact
    a man-made object taken as a whole
  3. noun
    the act of concealing the existence of something by obstructing the view of it
    synonyms: cover, masking, screening
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    type of:
    concealing, concealment, hiding
    the activity of keeping something secret
  4. noun
    the act of protecting something by covering it
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    dressing, grooming
    the activity of getting dressed; putting on clothes
    the act of putting on robes or vestments
    careful or finicky grooming
    toilet, toilette
    the act of dressing and preparing yourself
    type of:
    the activity of protecting someone or something
  5. noun
    the work of applying something
    synonyms: application, coating
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    anointing, anointment
    the act of applying oil or an oily liquid
    the application of a gas or smoke to something for the purpose of disinfecting it
    the work of coating glass with metal foil
    galvanisation, galvanization
    either the work of covering with metal by the use of a galvanic current or the coating of iron with zinc to protect it from rusting
    an application of a lubricant to something
    pavage, paving
    the act of applying paving materials to an area
    the act of applying paint to a surface
    the application of a liquid in the form of small particles ejected from a sprayer
    tin-plating, tinning
    the application of a protective layer of tin
    the application of a thin layer of soft solder to the ends of wires before soldering them
    paperhanging, papering
    the application of wallpaper
    daubing, plastering
    the application of plaster
    the application of a thin coat of metal (as by electrolysis)
    the application of very thin coat of color over the surface of a picture
    the application of tiles to cover a surface
    the application of wax to a surface
    facing, lining
    providing something with a surface of a different material
    spray painting
    applying paint with a sprayer
    spatter, spattering, splash, splashing, splattering
    the act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface
    painting by using the fingers to spread the paint
    pargeting, pargetting
    ornamental plastering
    lining a surface or bearing with Babbitt metal
    inunction, unction
    anointing as part of a religious ceremony or healing ritual
    type of:
    manual labor, manual labour
    labor done with the hands
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