cozier; coziest; cozies

The adjective cozy describes being comfortable and warm, like when you feel cozy curled up on the couch under a soft blanket, in front of a roaring fire.

"Isn't this cozy?" If you hear these words, you might be in a friendly, casual place where everyone feels welcome. Or, perhaps you are in a small cabin that is warm and dry as they rain pours down outside. Or you have just stumbled upon the judge of a writing contest having dinner with one of the aspiring novelists — cozy can also mean "scheming." And as a noun? A cozy is a padded cloth used to keep a teapot warm.

Definitions of cozy
  1. adjective
    enjoying or affording comforting warmth and shelter especially in a small space
    “a cozy nook near the fire”
    synonyms: cosy, snug
    comfortable, comfy
    providing or experiencing physical well-being or relief (`comfy' is informal)
  2. adjective
    having or fostering a warm or friendly and informal atmosphere
    “had a cozy chat”
    “the small room was cozy and intimate”
    synonyms: informal, intimate
    characteristic of or befitting a friend
  3. adjective
    suggesting connivance
    “a cozy arrangement with the police”
    close in relevance or relationship
  4. noun
    a padded cloth covering to keep a teapot warm
    synonyms: cosy, tea cosy, tea cozy
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    type of:
    cloth covering
    a covering made of cloth
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