When a different material covers the inside of something, like the clear membrane on the inner layer of an eggshell, you can call it a lining.

Many of our body parts have linings — the stomach lining, for example — that protect their insides. Clothing often contains a protective lining too, like the satin lining of your formal suit or the cotton lining of a sheer skirt, sewn inside, or a furry or plush lining meant to add warmth. A "silver lining" is a happy, bright aspect found in a dark or sad event: "I know there's a silver lining to your car accident!"

Definitions of lining
  1. noun
    a protective covering that protects an inside surface
    synonyms: liner
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    brake lining
    the lining on the brake shoes that comes in contact with the brake drum
    bushing, cylindrical lining
    a cylindrical metal lining used to reduce friction
    a lining applied to the edge of a garment for ornamentation or strengthening
    furnace lining, refractory
    lining consisting of material with a high melting point; used to line the inside walls of a furnace
    type of:
    protection, protective cover, protective covering
    a covering that is intend to protect from damage or injury
  2. noun
    a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment
    synonyms: liner
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    type of:
    piece of cloth, piece of material
    a separate part consisting of fabric
  3. noun
    providing something with a surface of a different material
    synonyms: facing
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    lining a surface or bearing with Babbitt metal
    type of:
    application, coating, covering
    the work of applying something
  4. noun
    the act of attaching an inside lining (to a garment or curtain etc.)
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    type of:
    the act of protecting something by surrounding it with material that reduces or prevents the transmission of sound or heat or electricity
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