A splash is a tiny amount of a liquid. You might, for example, prefer your coffee with just a splash of cream.

A splash can be wet, like a splash of lemonade in your tea, or it can be bright, like a splash of yellow across the oil painting you're working on. You can also use splash as a verb, as when you splash your sunbathing brother with swimming pool water. Splash first appeared in the early 1800's as a variation on the word plash, which had the same meanings and is most likely imitative — in other words, it sounds like its meaning.

Definitions of splash
  1. verb
    cause (a liquid) to spatter about, especially with force
    “She splashed the water around her”
    synonyms: splosh, sprinkle
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    sprinkle as if with salt
    drizzle, moisten
    moisten with fine drops
    type of:
    disperse, dot, dust, scatter, sprinkle
    distribute loosely
  2. verb
    dash a liquid upon or against
    “The mother splashed the baby's face with water”
    synonyms: plash, spatter, splatter, splosh, swash
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    make a puddle by splashing water
    slosh, slosh around, slush, slush around
    spill or splash copiously or clumsily
    type of:
    disperse, dot, dust, scatter, sprinkle
    distribute loosely
  3. verb
    strike and dash about in a liquid
    “The boys splashed around in the pool”
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    splash and flutter about in or as if in water
  4. verb
    make a splashing sound
    “water was splashing on the floor”
    synonyms: slosh, slush, splosh
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    type of:
    go, sound
    make a certain noise or sound
  5. verb
    mark or overlay with patches of contrasting color or texture; cause to appear splashed or spattered
    “The mountain was splashed with snow”
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    type of:
    cover, overlay
    put something on top of something else
  6. verb
    soil or stain with a splashed liquid
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    type of:
    begrime, bemire, colly, dirty, grime, soil
    make soiled, filthy, or dirty
  7. noun
    the act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface
    synonyms: spatter, spattering, splashing, splattering
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    type of:
    the act of applying paint to a surface
  8. noun
    the act of scattering water about haphazardly
    synonyms: splashing
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    type of:
    the act of making something wet
  9. noun
    the sound like water splashing
    synonyms: plash
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    a single splash
    type of:
    sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound)
  10. verb
    walk through mud or mire
    synonyms: slop, slosh, splosh, squelch, squish
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    type of:
    footslog, pad, plod, slog, tramp, trudge
    walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud
  11. noun
    a prominent or sensational but short-lived news event
    “he made a great splash and then disappeared”
    synonyms: stir
  12. noun
    a small quantity of something moist or liquid
    synonyms: dab, splatter
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    type of:
    small indefinite amount, small indefinite quantity
    an indefinite quantity that is below average size or magnitude
  13. noun
    a patch of bright color
    “her red hat gave her outfit a splash of color”
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    type of:
    dapple, fleck, maculation, patch, speckle, spot
    a small contrasting part of something
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