speckled; speckles; speckling

A speckle is a dot or dash of something — you might think you've painted the living room without spilling any paint, only to find a speckle of purple in the middle of the rug.

Young children pouring their own cereal often leave a speckle of milk on the counter no matter how careful they are. You can also use speckle as a verb meaning "to scatter" or "to dot." For example, you could describe the black spots that speckle your cat, or talk about the stars that speckle the sky. Speckle most likely comes from the Old English word specca, "small spot or speck."

Definitions of speckle
  1. noun
    a small contrasting part of something
    synonyms: dapple, fleck, maculation, patch, spot
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    pinpoint, speck
    a very small spot
    (pathology) a faint cloudy spot on the cornea
    a patch of bright color
    fret, worn spot
    a spot that has been worn away by abrasion or erosion
    (pathology) a small abnormal patch on or inside the body
    macula, macule
    a patch of skin that is discolored but not usually elevated; caused by various diseases
    mock sun, parhelion, sundog
    a bright spot on the parhelic circle; caused by diffraction by ice crystals
    macula, sunspot
    a cooler darker spot appearing periodically on the sun's photosphere; associated with a strong magnetic field
    a large bright spot on the sun's photosphere occurring most frequently in the vicinity of sunspots
    a bright spot on a planet
    amyloid plaque, amyloid protein plaque
    a plaque consisting of tangles of amyloid protein in nervous tissue (a pathological mark of Alzheimer's disease)
    arterial plaque
    a fatty deposit inside an arterial wall; characteristic of atherosclerosis
    bacterial plaque, dental plaque
    a film of mucus and bacteria deposited on the teeth that encourages the development of dental caries
    freckle, lentigo
    a small brownish spot (of the pigment melanin) on the skin
    liver spot
    a type of skin disease that causes brown spots on the skin
    plague spot
    a spot on the skin characteristic of the plague
    type of:
    a pattern of marks
  2. verb
    mark with small spots
    speckle the wall with tiny yellow spots”
    synonyms: bespeckle
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    type of:
    blob, blot, fleck, spot
    make a spot or mark onto
  3. verb
    produce a mottled effect
    synonyms: stipple
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    type of:
    cloud, dapple, mottle
    colour with streaks or blotches of different shades
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