A globe doesn't have to be a spherical representation of our planet; it can be anything shaped like one — like a soccer ball or a gumball.

Referring to a round shape, globe is often used interchangeably with sphere, though sphere has another meaning of an area of particular interest or a segment of a particular population. Globe is also another name for planet Earth itself, our lovely third rock from the sun — as in "viewers are tuning in from around the globe."

Definitions of globe

n an object with a spherical shape

ball, orb
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crystal ball
a glass or crystal globe used in crystal gazing by fortunetellers
camphor ball, mothball
a small sphere of camphor or naphthalene used to keep moths away from stored clothing
a ball that slides down a staff to show a fixed time; especially at an observatory
the luminous center of a nuclear explosion
a ball of fire (such as the sun or a ball-shaped discharge of lightning)
a small globe or ball
a small sphere
a small sphere
a small round soft mass (as of chewed food)
a hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide)
Type of:
a solid figure bounded by a spherical surface (including the space it encloses)

n a sphere on which a map (especially of the earth) is represented

celestial globe
a globe that is a spherical model of the heavens
armilla, armillary sphere
a celestial globe consisting of metal hoops; used by early astronomers to determine the positions of stars
Type of:
model, simulation
representation of something (sometimes on a smaller scale)
any spherically shaped artifact

n the 3rd planet from the sun; the planet we live on

Earth, earth, world
Example of:
terrestrial planet
a planet having a compact rocky surface like the Earth's; the four innermost planets in the solar system

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