"March: Book Two," by John Lewis, pages 101-179

Written with Andrew Aydin and illustrated by Nate Powell, Congressman John Lewis's award-winning graphic novel chronicles his experiences in the U.S. Civil Rights Movement.

Here is our list for the first half of March: Book Two.

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  1. dehumanize
    deprive of the positive qualities of a person
    It was dehumanizing, as was our being forced to shave all of our facial hair as part of an effort to strip away our dignity — our very humanity.
  2. monotony
    the quality of wearisome constancy and lack of variety
    As the days wore on, we sang to keep the monotony from getting to us.
  3. philosophy
    the rational investigation of existence and knowledge
    To them, nonviolence was just a tactic, not a personal philosophy or a way of life.
  4. derogatory
    expressive of low opinion
    Deputy Tyson, do you mean anything derogatory when you call us BOY?
  5. registrar
    the administrator responsible for student records
    I wrote the registrar back at school, explaining that I wouldn't be able to get back to Nashville for my graduation because I was in jail in Mississippi.
  6. consciousness
    the state of having knowledge of
    The fare was paid in blood, but the freedom riders stirred the national consciousness and awoke the hearts and minds of a generation.
  7. discipline
    a system of rules of conduct or method of practice
    I deeply believe that our discipline paved the road to our success.
  8. reclamation
    rescuing from error and returning to a rightful course
    Stokely later said he never saw it as his responsibility to be the moral and spiritual reclamation of some racist thug.
  9. endorsement
    formal and explicit approval
    But by the end of 1961, Dr. King gave the idea his full endorsement.
  10. suffrage
    a legal right to vote
    The central front is that of suffrage. If we can win the right to vote, it will place in our hands more than an abstract right -- it will give us the concrete tool with which we, ourselves, can correct injustice.
  11. commotion
    a disorderly outburst or tumult
    We were getting set to drive over to First Baptist when we heard a commotion.
  12. presupposition
    an assumption made in advance
    We affirm the philosophical or religious ideal of nonviolence as the foundation of our purpose, the presupposition of our faith, and the manner of our action.
  13. dissipate
    cause to separate and go in different directions
    Acceptance dissipates prejudice; hope ends despair.
  14. enmity
    a state of deep-seated ill-will
    Mutual regard cancels enmity.
  15. supersede
    take the place or move into the position of
    The redemptive community supersedes systems of gross social immorality.
  16. motif
    a recurrent element in a literary or artistic work
    Love is the central motif of nonviolence.
  17. nonviolence
    peaceful resistance to a government
    By appealing to conscience and standing on the moral nature of human existence, nonviolence nurtures the atmosphere in which reconciliation and justice become actual possibilities.
  18. forbear
    a person from whom you are descended
    It very appropriate then, that from this cradle of the confederacy, the very heart of the great Anglo-Saxon Southland, that today we sound the drum for freedom, as have our generations of forbears before us have done, time and time again throughout history.
  19. tyranny
    dominance through threat of punishment and violence
    Let us rise to the call of freedom-loving blood that is in us, and send our answer to the tyranny that clanks its chains upon the South.
  20. gauntlet
    a glove of armored leather that protects the hand
    In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust, and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny.
  21. prestige
    a high standing achieved through success or influence
    Shuttlesworth made a promise that afternoon to Dr. King: "I assure you," he said, "if you come to Birmingham, this movement will not only gain prestige -- but it will really shake this country."
  22. erratic
    liable to sudden unpredictable change
    He was erratic, irresponsible, and just plain mean.
  23. conviction
    an unshakable belief in something without need for proof
    A movement is when people actually do it out of conviction.
  24. disperse
    move away from each other
    A-all right -- disperse -- or you're going to get wet.
  25. accord
    concurrence of opinion
    A week after the attack on those children, an accord was reached in Birmingham.
  26. prudent
    marked by sound judgment
    The events in Birmingham and elsewhere have so increased the cries for equality that no city or state legislative body can prudently ignore them.
  27. discord
    strife resulting from a lack of agreement
    The fires of frustration and discord are burning in every city, North and South.
  28. literate
    able to read and write
    The Administration took the position that, if you had a 6th grade education, you should be considered literate and able to vote.
  29. qualification
    an attribute that must be met or complied with
    SNCC's position -- and mine -- was that the only qualification for being able to vote should be that of age and residence.
  30. dramatize
    represent something in a theatrical manner
    This march will help dramatize our struggle, mobilizing support in parts of the country that don't know the problem first-hand.
  31. integrated
    not segregated
    Our movement was about creating an open, integrated society.
  32. justify
    show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for
    And, violence, no matter how justified, was not something I could accept.
  33. endeavor
    a purposeful or industrious undertaking
    There is no one, in my estimation, more qualified to organize this endeavor than Bayard Rustin.
  34. conscientious
    guided by or in accordance with a sense of right and wrong
    I'm telling you, people are going to use him against us. He's a conscientious objector, he's been linked to the Communist Party.
  35. provocative
    serving or tending to excite or stimulate
    You say this march will not include any civil disobedience or sit-ins. Is SNCC backing away from its provocative tactics?
  36. ruthless
    without mercy or pity
    Even though he could be a little rough -- ruthless, some would say -- he was willing to learn, to grow, and to change.
  37. substantive
    being on topic and prompting thought
    The meetings were quick. Nothing substantive was discussed.
  38. invocation
    a prayer asking God's help as part of a religious service
    I hope this will not delay your invocation.
  39. sharecropper
    a tenant farmer who owes a portion of each harvest for rent
    While we stand here, there are sharecroppers in the Delta of Mississippi who are out in the fields working for less than three dollars a day, twelve hours a day.
  40. misgiving
    painful expectation
    We come here today with a great sense of misgiving.
  41. reservation
    an unstated doubt that prevents you from accepting something
    It is true that we support the administration's Civil Rights Bill — we support it with great reservations, however.
  42. immoral
    not adhering to ethical principles
    By and large, American politics is dominated by politicians who build their careers on immoral compromises, and ally themselves with open forms of political, economic, and social exploitation.
  43. exploitation
    an act that victimizes someone
    By and large, American politics is dominated by politicians who build their careers on immoral compromises, and ally themselves with open forms of political, economic, and social exploitation.
  44. revolution
    a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking
    I appeal to all of you to get involved in this great revolution that is sweeping this nation.
  45. aspiration
    a cherished desire
    In those moments, Dr. King made plain all of our hopes, our aspirations...

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