To dramatize something is to put it in dramatic form (like a TV show or movie) or make it seem more dramatic, using exaggeration.

Anytime you see a movie or TV show about real events, the actors are dramatizing what really happened. If you slipped on the sidewalk and hurt your knee a little but later made it sound like the most tragic event in the history of humanity, you're guilty of dramatizing what happened. To dramatize in that way is to exaggerate and embellish — it's something that we all do occasionally.

Definitions of dramatize
  1. verb
    put into dramatic form
    synonyms: adopt, dramatise
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    type of:
    compose, indite, pen, write
    produce a literary work
  2. verb
    represent something in a dramatic manner
    “These events dramatize the lack of social responsibility among today's youth”
    synonyms: dramatise
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    overdramatise, overdramatize
    present in an overly dramatic manner
    type of:
    serve as a means of expressing something
  3. verb
    add details to
    synonyms: aggrandise, aggrandize, blow up, dramatise, embellish, embroider, lard, pad
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    cause to seem more splendid
    type of:
    amplify, exaggerate, hyperbolise, hyperbolize, magnify, overdraw, overstate
    to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth
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