A reservation is something set aside, like a table at a restaurant or land for Native Americans.

For fancy restaurants and hotels, you need a reservation: you call ahead and ask them to set aside a table or room for you. A reservation is also a piece of land set aside by the government for a group. In the U.S., there are Native American reservations. Sometimes a reservation is a doubt. If you have reservations about taking a trip to Australia, then you're not sure about it. You're not rushing to make reservations at a hotel there.

Primary Meanings of reservation

the act of keeping back or setting aside for some future occasion
a district that is reserved for a particular purpose
Full Definitions of reservation

n the act of keeping back or setting aside for some future occasion

Type of:
preservation, saving
the activity of protecting something from loss or danger

n the act of reserving (a place or passage) or engaging the services of (a person or group)

Type of:
employment, engagement
the act of giving someone a job

n something reserved in advance (as a hotel accommodation or a seat on a plane etc.)

a reservation that is improved
Type of:
something arranged in advance

n the written record or promise of an arrangement by which accommodations are secured in advance

Type of:
agreement, understanding
the statement (oral or written) of an exchange of promises

n a statement that limits or restricts some claim

“he recommended her without any reservations
fine print, small print
the part of a contract that contains reservations and qualifications that are often printed in small type
weasel word
an equivocal qualification; a word used to avoid making an outright assertion
Type of:
a message that is stated or declared; a communication (oral or written) setting forth particulars or facts etc

n an unstated doubt that prevents you from accepting something wholeheartedly

arriere pensee, mental reservation
Type of:
doubt, doubtfulness, dubiety, dubiousness, incertitude, uncertainty
the state of being unsure of something

n a district that is reserved for a particular purpose

Indian reservation
a reservation set aside for the use of Indians
a reservation where animals are protected
shooting preserve
a preserve on which hunting is permitted during certain months of the year
Type of:
administrative district, administrative division, territorial division
a district defined for administrative purposes

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