When a new development in an industry changes everything drastically, call it a revolution. The Internet has certainly caused a revolution in the way people lead their lives.

Stemming from the Latin revolvere "to turn, roll back," revolution originally referred to the circuit of the stars through the sky. Today, it still means circuit when talking about the RPM, or revolutions per minute, in an engine. A revolution is also a drastic change in a field such as the fashion industry or technology, or similarly, a sudden, often violent uprising from the people to change the political system.

Primary Meanings of revolution

a single complete turn (axial or orbital)
the overthrow of a government by those who are governed
Full Definitions of revolution

n a single complete turn (axial or orbital)

“the revolution of the earth about the sun takes one year”
gyration, rotation
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clockwise rotation, dextrorotation
rotation to the right
counterclockwise rotation, levorotation
rotation to the left
axial motion, axial rotation, roll
rotary motion of an object around its own axis
orbital motion, orbital rotation
motion of an object in an orbit around a fixed point
a swift whirling motion (usually of a missile)
spin (usually of a moving ball) that retards or reverses the forward motion
English, side
(sports) the spin given to a ball by striking it on one side or releasing it with a sharp twist
forward spin (usually of a moving ball) that is imparted by an upward stroke
an indolent or clumsy rolling about
Type of:
turn, turning
a movement in a new direction

n the overthrow of a government by those who are governed

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American War of Independence
the revolution of the American Colonies against Great Britain; 1775-1783
Chinese Revolution
the republican revolution against the Manchu dynasty in China; 1911-1912
Cuban Revolution
the revolution led by Fidel Castro and a small band of guerrilla fighters against a corrupt dictatorship in Cuba; 1956-1959
Bloodless Revolution
the revolution against James II; there was little armed resistance to William and Mary in England although battles were fought in Scotland and Ireland (1688-1689)
French Revolution
the revolution in France against the Bourbons; 1789-1799
Mexican Revolution
a revolution for agrarian reforms led in northern Mexico by Pancho Villa and in southern Mexico by Emiliano Zapata (1910-1911)
February Revolution
the revolution against the czarist government which led to the abdication of Nicholas II and the creation of a provisional government in March 1917
a revolution whose aim is to reverse the changes introduced by a previous revolution
Type of:
group action
action taken by a group of people

n a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving

“the industrial revolution was also a cultural revolution”
Cultural Revolution, Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
a radical reform in China initiated by Mao Zedong in 1965 and carried out largely by the Red Guard; intended to eliminate counterrevolutionary elements in the government it resulted in purges of the intellectuals and socioeconomic chaos
green revolution
the introduction of pesticides and high-yield grains and better management during the 1960s and 1970s which greatly increased agricultural productivity
Type of:
alteration, change, modification
an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another

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