If someone is conscientious, that person strives to do what's right and to carry out her duties. Conscientious people show care and put in a big effort.

Being conscientious has to do with being careful, thoughtful, and decent. A conscientious doctor will do everything possible to help a patient. A conscientious teacher will spend extra time with students, just to make sure they're learning. A boss wishes every worker could be conscientious: it's a rare and wonderful trait. To be conscientious, you have to be willing to do the right thing even when it's difficult. Unfortunately, many people aren't conscientious.

Definitions of conscientious

adj characterized by extreme care and great effort

conscientious application to the work at hand”
painstaking, scrupulous
exercising caution or showing care or attention

adj guided by or in accordance with conscience or sense of right and wrong

“a conscientious decision to speak out about injustice”
not conscientious;
conscienceless, unconscionable
lacking a conscience
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