social control

Definitions of social control
  1. noun
    control exerted (actively or passively) by group action
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    Red Hand Defenders
    a paramilitary group of Protestants in Northern Ireland that tries to prevent any political settlement with the Irish Republic; attacks interests of Catholic civilians in Northern Ireland; responsible for arson and bombing and murder
    September 11
    the day in 2001 when Arab suicide bombers hijacked United States airliners and used them as bombs
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    auto limitation
    social control achieved as a manifestation of self-will or general consent
    a mechanism of social control for enforcing a society's standards
    population control
    control over the growth of population; a government program
    administration, governance, governing, government, government activity
    the act of governing; exercising authority
    the act of enforcing; ensuring observance of or obedience to
    social control by dominating
    acculturation, enculturation, socialisation, socialization
    the adoption of the behavior patterns of the surrounding culture
    duty, obligation, responsibility
    the social force that binds you to the courses of action demanded by that force
    military control, occupation
    the control of a country by military forces of a foreign power
    direction, management
    the act of managing something
    deprivation, privation
    act of depriving someone of food or money or rights
    appeasement, calming
    the act of appeasing (as by acceding to the demands of)
    communisation, communization, nationalisation, nationalization
    changing something from private to state ownership or control
    denationalisation, denationalization, privatisation, privatization
    changing something from state to private ownership or control
    detribalisation, detribalization
    the act of causing tribal people to abandon their customs and adopt urban ways of living
    discrimination, favoritism, favouritism
    unfair treatment of a person or group on the basis of prejudice
    (politics) granting favors or giving contracts or making appointments to office in return for political support
    militarisation, militarization, mobilisation, mobilization
    act of assembling and putting into readiness for war or other emergency: "mobilization of the troops"
    demobilisation, demobilization
    act of changing from a war basis to a peace basis including disbanding or discharging troops
    normalisation, normalization, standardisation, standardization
    the imposition of standards or regulations
    penalisation, penalization, penalty, punishment
    the act of punishing
    the social control of offenders through a system of imprisonment and rehabilitation and probation and parole
    the responsibility to do something
    guardianship, keeping, safekeeping
    the responsibility of a guardian or keeper
    misgovernment, misrule
    government that is inefficient or dishonest
    lawmaking, legislating, legislation
    the act of making or enacting laws
    trust busting
    (law) government activities seeking to dissolve corporate trusts and monopolies (especially under the United States antitrust laws)
    the act of compelling by force of authority
    carrying out, execution, implementation
    the act of accomplishing some aim or executing some order
    imposition, infliction
    the act of imposing something (as a tax or an embargo)
    law enforcement
    ensuring obedience to the laws
    domination of a political organization by a party boss
    mastery, subordination
    the act of mastering or subordinating someone
    monopolisation, monopolization
    domination (of a market or commodity) to the exclusion of others
    socialization through training and education to develop one's mind or manners
    breeding, bringing up, fosterage, fostering, nurture, raising, rearing, upbringing
    helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community
    moral obligation
    an obligation arising out of considerations of right and wrong
    noblesse oblige
    the obligation of those of high rank to be honorable and generous (often used ironically)
    burden of proof
    the duty of proving a disputed charge
    civic duty, civic responsibility
    the responsibilities of a citizen
    filial duty
    duty of a child to its parents
    some duty that is essential and urgent
    a duty that is incumbent upon you
    legal duty
    acts which the law requires be done or forborne
    line of duty
    all that is normally required in some area of responsibility
    white man's burden
    the supposed responsibility of the white race to provide care for their non-white subjects
    the direction of an orchestra or choir
    database management
    creation and maintenance of a database
    the management of money and credit and banking and investments
    the management of a household
    bad or dishonest management by persons supposed to act on another's behalf
    misdirection, mismanagement
    management that is careless or inefficient
    handling, treatment
    the management of someone or something
    oversight, superintendence, supervising, supervision
    management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group
    administration, disposal
    a method of tending to or managing the affairs of a some group of people (especially the group's business affairs)
    authorisation, authorization, empowerment
    the act of conferring legality or sanction or formal warrant
    the act of withdrawing certification or terminating a franchise
    canalisation, canalization, channelisation, channelization
    management through specified channels of communication
    guidance, steering
    the act of guiding or showing the way
    impoverishment, pauperisation, pauperization
    the act of making someone poor
    starvation, starving
    the act of depriving of food or subjecting to famine
    mollification, pacification
    the act of appeasing someone or causing someone to be more favorably inclined
    conciliation, placation, propitiation
    the act of placating and overcoming distrust and animosity
    the system of patronage in communist countries; controlled by committees in the Communist Party
    able-bodiedism, able-bodism, ableism, ablism
    discrimination in favor of the able-bodied
    ageism, agism
    discrimination against middle-aged and elderly people
    favoritism shown to friends and associates (as by appointing them to positions without regard for their qualifications)
    fatism, fattism
    discrimination against people who are overweight
    discrimination in favor of heterosexual and against homosexual people
    favoritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power (as by giving them jobs)
    racial discrimination, racialism, racism
    discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race
    discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of the opposite sex
    armament, arming, equipping
    the act of equiping with weapons in preparation for war
    disarmament, disarming
    act of reducing or depriving of arms
    conscription, draft, muster, selective service
    compulsory military service
    remilitarisation, remilitarization
    the act of militarizing again
    stabilisation, stabilization
    the act of stabilizing something or making it more stable
    stylisation, stylization
    the act of stylizing; causing to conform to a particular style
    castigation, chastisement
    verbal punishment
    corporal punishment
    the infliction of physical injury on someone convicted of committing a crime
    cruel and unusual punishment
    punishment prohibited by the 8th amendment to the U.S. Constitution; includes torture or degradation or punishment too severe for the crime committed
    a punishment in which a student must stay at school after others have gone home
    correction, discipline
    the act of punishing
    economic strangulation
    punishment of a group by cutting off commercial dealings with them
    putting someone in prison or in jail as lawful punishment
    medicine, music
    punishment for one's actions
    punishment inflicted on yourself
    threat of a penalty
    penance, self-abasement, self-mortification
    voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for some wrongdoing
    prerequisite, requirement
    something that is required in advance
    demand, requirement
    required activity
    type of:
    group action
    action taken by a group of people
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