Coercion is making something happen by force, like when bullies use coercion to make kids give them their lunch money.

Coercion can be a threat, "The shady lawyer uses coercion when he threatens to get the waiter fired if he doesn't rat out his boss," or it can be actual brute force, as when the gangster breaks the messenger's leg to keep her from talking to the police. The police might use coercion, too, to get a confession. The prefix co- is derived from the Latin word for "together." So you can't use coercion on yourself; you need someone else to force into doing something.

Definitions of coercion
  1. noun
    using force to cause something to occur
    “they didn't have to use coercion
    synonyms: compulsion
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    constructive eviction, eviction
    action by a landlord that compels a tenant to leave the premises (as by rendering the premises unfit for occupancy); no physical expulsion or legal process is involved
    type of:
    causation, causing
    the act of causing something to happen
  2. noun
    the act of compelling by force of authority
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    Red Hand Defenders
    a paramilitary group of Protestants in Northern Ireland that tries to prevent any political settlement with the Irish Republic; attacks interests of Catholic civilians in Northern Ireland; responsible for arson and bombing and murder
    September 11
    the day in 2001 when Arab suicide bombers hijacked United States airliners and used them as bombs
    the use of extreme fear in order to coerce people (especially for political reasons)
    act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act
    the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear
    type of:
    the act of enforcing; ensuring observance of or obedience to
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