Creating or enacting laws is called legislating. Everyone thinks they know how to govern a state or the country. If you are a lawmaker, you are probably tempted a million times a day to say, "Leave the legislating to people who know what they are doing!"

Legislating has legislate as its base word. Both words are related to legislation, which has at its roots the Latin word lex, meaning "law." If you are constantly talking to your constituents, people may begin to wonder when you have time to do the legislating that needs to be done. However, if you don't talk to your constituents, the people are sure to say you are out of touch!

Definitions of legislating
  1. noun
    the act of making or enacting laws
    synonyms: lawmaking, legislation
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    criminalisation, criminalization
    legislation that makes something illegal
    decriminalisation, decriminalization
    legislation that makes something legal that was formerly illegal
    enactment, passage
    the passing of a law by a legislative body
    type of:
    administration, governance, governing, government, government activity
    the act of governing; exercising authority
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