An itemization of words that contain the letter sequence of 'que'.

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  1. antique
    made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age
  2. aqueduct
    a conduit that carries water over a valley
  3. aqueous
    similar to or containing or dissolved in water
  4. arabesque
    position in which the dancer has one leg raised behind
  5. banquet
    a ceremonial dinner party for many people
  6. baroque
    relating to an elaborately ornamented style of art and music
  7. bequeath
    leave or give, especially by will after one's death
  8. bequest
    a gift of personal property by will
  9. bouquet
    an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present
  10. boutique
    a shop that sells women's clothes and jewelry
  11. brusque
    rudely abrupt or blunt in speech or manner
  12. brusquely
    in a blunt direct manner
  13. burlesque
    a theatrical entertainment of broad and earthy humor
  14. calque
    an expression translated from another language
  15. cheque
    a written order directing a bank to pay money
  16. cirque
    a steep-walled semicircular basin in a mountain
  17. clique
    an exclusive circle of people with a common purpose
  18. communique
    an official report (usually sent in haste)
  19. conquer
    take possession of by force, as after an invasion
  20. conquest
    the act of defeating and taking control of
  21. consequence
    a phenomenon that is caused by some previous phenomenon
  22. consequential
    having important issues or results
  23. consequently
    as a result
  24. coquette
    talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions
  25. coquettish
    like a flirtatious woman
  26. critique
    appraise or judge in an analytical way
  27. croquet
    a game in which players hit a ball through a series of hoops
  28. croquette
    a small patty of minced food that is coated and fried
  29. delinquency
    nonpayment of a debt when due
  30. delinquent
    a young offender
  31. deliquesce
    melt or become liquid by absorbing moisture from the air
  32. eloquence
    powerful and effective language
  33. eloquent
    expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively
  34. eloquently
    with eloquence
  35. equestrian
    of or relating to or featuring horseback riding
  36. etiquette
    rules governing socially acceptable behavior
  37. exchequer
    the funds of a government or institution or individual
  38. frequency
    the number of occurrences within a given time period
  39. frequent
    coming at short intervals or habitually
  40. frequently
    many times at short intervals
  41. grandiloquence
    high-flown style; excessive use of verbal ornamentation
  42. grandiloquent
    lofty in style
  43. grotesque
    distorted and unnatural in shape or size
  44. inconsequential
    lacking worth or importance
  45. ineloquently
    without eloquence; in an inarticulate manner
  46. infrequency
    noteworthy scarcity
  47. infrequent
    not occurring regularly or at short intervals
  48. infrequently
    not many times
  49. inquest
    an investigation into the cause of an unexpected death
  50. lacquer
    a black resinous substance that is used as a natural varnish
  51. macaque
    short-tailed monkey of rocky regions of Asia and Africa
  52. magniloquence
    high-flown style; excessive use of verbal ornamentation
  53. magniloquent
    lofty in style
  54. manque
    unfulfilled or frustrated in realizing an ambition
  55. marquee
    large and often sumptuous tent
  56. masque
    a party of guests wearing costumes and masks
  57. masquerade
    a party of guests wearing costumes and masks
  58. mosque
    a Muslim place of worship that usually has a minaret
  59. mystique
    an aura of heightened interest surrounding a person or thing
  60. oblique
    slanting or inclined in direction or course or position
  61. obliquely
    to, toward or at one side
  62. opaque
    not transmitting or reflecting light or radiant energy
  63. parquet
    a floor made of a patterned wood inlay
  64. physique
    constitution of the human body
  65. picaresque
    (of fiction) involving clever rogues or adventurers
  66. picturesque
    suggesting or suitable for an artistic composition
  67. pique
    a sudden outburst of anger
  68. piquet
    a card game for two players using a reduced pack of 32 cards
  69. plaque
    a memorial made of brass
  70. queasy
    causing or able to cause nausea
  71. queer
    beyond or deviating from the usual or expected
  72. quell
    suppress or crush completely
  73. quench
    satisfy, as thirst
  74. querulous
    habitually complaining
  75. query
    an instance of questioning
  76. quesadilla
    a tortilla that is filled with cheese and heated
  77. quest
    the act of searching for something
  78. questionable
    subject to doubtful speculation
  79. questionnaire
    a form with a set of queries to gain statistical information
  80. queue
    a line of people or vehicles waiting for something
  81. quinquennium
    a period of five years
  82. reconquer
    conquer anew
  83. request
    express the need or desire for; ask for
  84. requested
    asked for
  85. rhetorical question
    a statement that is not supposed to be answered
  86. risque
    suggestive of sexual impropriety
  87. sculpturesque
    resembling a three-dimensional work of plastic art
  88. sequel
    something that follows something else
  89. sequence
    a following of one thing after another in time
  90. sequential
    in regular succession without gaps
  91. sequentially
    in a consecutive manner
  92. sequester
    keep away from others
  93. sequestered
    kept separate and secluded
  94. sequestration
    the act of segregating or sequestering
  95. sobriquet
    a familiar name for a person
  96. squeamish
    excessively fastidious and easily disgusted
  97. squeeze
    press firmly
  98. squelch
    suppress or crush completely
  99. statuesque
    suggestive of a sculpture representing a human or animal
  100. subsequent
    following in time or order
  101. subsequently
    happening at a time later than another time
  102. technique
    a practical method or art applied to some particular task
  103. toque
    a tall white hat worn by chefs
  104. torque
    a twisting force
  105. tourniquet
    a bandage that stops the flow of blood by applying pressure
  106. unique
    the single one of its kind
  107. uniquely
    so as to be unique
  108. uniqueness
    the quality of being one of a kind
  109. unquestionable
    incapable of being questioned
  110. vaquero
    local names for a cowboy

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