If something is unique, it's the only one around. You might think getting a nose ring would make you unique, until you see five other people on the street with the same piercing.

If someone calls you unique you know that you are very special. The reason is that the Latin prefix uni- means "one." (Technically speaking, it isn't possible to be "very unique" — you either are or you're not.) Think of the prefix in unicorn for a creature with one horn and unicycle for a cycle with one wheel.

Definitions of unique
  1. adjective
    the single one of its kind
    “the unique existing example of Donne's handwriting”
    “a unique copy of an ancient manuscript”
    “certain types of problems have unique solutions”
    synonyms: singular
    existing alone or consisting of one entity or part or aspect or individual
  2. adjective
    radically distinctive and without equal
    “Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint”
    synonyms: alone, unequaled, unequalled, unparalleled
    incomparable, uncomparable
    such that comparison is impossible; unsuitable for comparison or lacking features that can be compared
  3. adjective
    highly unusual or rare but not the single instance
    “spoke with a unique accent”
    “had unique ability in raising funds”
    “a frankness unique in literature”
    “a unique dining experience”
    not usual or common or ordinary
  4. adjective
    (followed by `to') applying exclusively to a given category or condition or locality
    “a species unique to Australia”
    (sometimes followed by `to') applying to or characterized by or distinguishing something particular or special or unique
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