Something done obliquely is done in a roundabout way rather than directly. Constantly mentioning how much you love dogs is a way of obliquely telling your parents that you want a pet.

The word obliquely can mean the indirect way something is talked about or the indirect path that something takes. It's also a word used to describe when something is positioned sideways or on a slant, like a ladder propped obliquely against the wall. Ever notice how the rain seems to fall on a slant against a lamp light at night? It's not falling straight, but obliquely or on an angle.

Definitions of obliquely
  1. adverb
    not in a forthright manner
    synonyms: indirectly
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    directly, flat, straight
    in a forthright manner; candidly or frankly
  2. adverb
    to, toward or at one side
    synonyms: sidelong, sideways
  3. adverb
    at an oblique angle
    synonyms: aslant, athwart
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