A toque is the tall hat that many professional chefs wear. Since the late 18th century, chef toques are almost always white.

At one time, the color of your toque represented your rank in the kitchen. White was eventually chosen as the "most sanitary" color. You can also use toque word to describe an old-fashioned women's hat with a narrow brim, or in Canada, a knitted winter cap. The origin of this word is uncertain, although some experts believe it stems from the Arabic word taqa, "opening."

Definitions of toque
  1. noun
    a tall white hat with a pouched crown; worn by chefs
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    type of:
    chapeau, hat, lid
    headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
  2. noun
    a small round woman's hat
    synonyms: pillbox, turban
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    type of:
    millinery, woman's hat
    hats for women; the wares sold by a milliner
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