Definitions of chapeau
  1. noun
    headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
    synonyms: hat, lid
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    bearskin, busby, shako
    tall hat; worn by some British soldiers on ceremonial occasions
    Panama, Panama hat, boater, leghorn, sailor, skimmer, straw hat
    a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown
    bonnet, poke bonnet
    a hat tied under the chin
    bowler, bowler hat, derby, derby hat, plug hat
    a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim
    campaign hat
    a broad-brimmed felt hat with a high crown; formerly worn by the United States Army and Marine personnel
    cavalier hat, slouch hat
    a soft felt hat with a wide flexible brim
    cocked hat
    hat with opposing brims turned up and caught together to form points
    cowboy hat, ten-gallon hat
    a hat with a wide brim and a soft crown; worn by American ranch hands
    a tight-fitting hat with visors front and back; formerly worn by hunters
    beaver, dress hat, high hat, opera hat, silk hat, stovepipe, top hat, topper
    a man's hat with a tall crown; usually covered with silk or with beaver fur
    dunce cap, dunce's cap, fool's cap
    a cone-shaped paper hat formerly placed on the head of slow or lazy pupils
    Stetson, fedora, felt hat, homburg, trilby
    a hat made of felt with a creased crown
    fur hat
    a hat made of fur
    millinery, woman's hat
    hats for women; the wares sold by a milliner
    shovel hat
    a stiff broad-brimmed hat with the brim turned up at the sides and projecting in front; worn by some clergymen in Britain
    snap-brim hat
    a hat with a snap brim
    a straw hat with a tall crown and broad brim; worn in American southwest and in Mexico
    waterproof hat with wide slanting brim longer in back than in front
    sun hat, sunhat
    a hat with a broad brim that protects the face from direct exposure to the sun
    a hat (Cockney rhyming slang: `tit for tat' rhymes with `hat')
    a tall white hat with a pouched crown; worn by chefs
    tirolean, tyrolean
    soft green felt hat with a feather or brush cockade
    beaver, castor
    a hat made with the fur of a beaver (or similar material)
    bicorn, bicorne
    a cocked hat with the brim turned up to form two points
    church hat
    a fanciful hat of the kind worn by Black women for Sunday worship
    a woman's close-fitting hat that resembles a helmet
    picture hat
    a woman's dressy hat with a wide brim
    pillbox, toque, turban
    a small round woman's hat
    pith hat, pith helmet, sun helmet, topee, topi
    a lightweight hat worn in tropical countries for protection from the sun
    porkpie, porkpie hat
    man's hat with a low, flat crown and a snap brim
    a large bonnet that shades the face; worn by girls and women
    tricorn, tricorne
    cocked hat with the brim turned up to form three points
    type of:
    headdress, headgear
    clothing for the head
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