Definitions of boater
  1. noun
    someone who drives or rides in a boat
    synonyms: boatman, waterman
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    canoeist, paddler
    someone paddling a canoe
    a man who operates a ferry
    gondolier, gondoliere
    a (Venetian) boatman who propels a gondola
    oarsman, rower
    someone who rows a boat
    someone who propels a boat with a pole
    (Greek mythology) the ferryman who brought the souls of the dead across the river Styx or the river Acheron to Hades
    a woman oarsman
    someone who sculls (moves a long oar pivoted on the back of the boat to propel the boat forward)
    the oarsman nearest the stern of the shell who sets the pace for the rest of the crew
    type of:
    a person who works at a specific occupation
  2. noun
    a stiff hat made of straw with a flat crown
    synonyms: Panama, Panama hat, leghorn, sailor, skimmer, straw hat
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    type of:
    chapeau, hat, lid
    headdress that protects the head from bad weather; has shaped crown and usually a brim
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