When you squeeze something, you put pressure on it. If you squeeze your toothpaste from the bottom up, you'll get the most out of your tube.

The word squeeze has to do with force or pressure. When you squeeze something, like an orange, you are crushing it to extract juice. When you squeeze into a pair of jeans, you're forcing yourself into them. When you give someone a squeeze, you're giving them a tight hug. And when you're in a squeeze, you're in a tight spot, or a bind.

Definitions of squeeze
  1. verb
    press firmly
    “He squeezed my hand”
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    squeeze together tightly
    clench together
    type of:
    exert pressure or force to or upon
  2. verb
    press or force
    synonyms: shove, stuff, thrust
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    type of:
    force, push
    move with force
  3. verb
    compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition
    squeeze a lemon”
    synonyms: crush, mash, squash, squelch
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    twist, squeeze, or compress in order to extract liquid
    crush or grind with a heavy instrument
    crush with a steamroller as if to level
    crush as if by treading on
    crush together or collapse
    type of:
    exert pressure or force to or upon
  4. verb
    squeeze tightly between the fingers
    “She squeezed the bottle”
    synonyms: nip, pinch, tweet, twinge, twitch
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    pinch in the buttocks
    pinch or squeeze sharply
    type of:
    hold fast or firmly
  5. verb
    squeeze like a wedge into a tight space
    “I squeezed myself into the corner”
    synonyms: force, wedge
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    press or wedge together; pack together
    compact, compress, pack together
    make more compact by or as if by pressing
    pack, tamp, tamp down
    press down tightly
    type of:
    displace, move
    cause to move or shift into a new position or place, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense
  6. verb
    squeeze or press together
    synonyms: compact, compress, constrict, contract, press
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    choke, strangle
    constrict (someone's) throat and keep from breathing
    contract one's lips
    constrict or bind or draw together
    constrict a hollow organ or vessel so as to stop the flow of blood or air
    contract involuntarily, as in a spasm
    cause to contract
    bear down, overbear
    contract the abdominal muscles during childbirth to ease delivery
    choke, fret, gag
    be too tight; rub or press
    choke, scrag
    wring the neck of
    type of:
    become tight or tighter
  7. verb
    squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness
    synonyms: bosom, embrace, hug
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    embrace amorously
    hold (a person or thing) close, as for affection, comfort, or warmth
    interlock, lock
    become engaged or intermeshed with one another
    type of:
    hold firmly and tightly
  8. noun
    the act of gripping and pressing firmly
    “he gave her cheek a playful squeeze
    synonyms: squeezing
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    pinch, tweak
    a squeeze with the fingers
    the act of forcing something out by squeezing or pressing
    expulsion, extrusion
    squeezing out by applying pressure
    type of:
    compressing, compression
    applying pressure
  9. noun
    a twisting squeeze
    synonyms: wring
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    type of:
    motion, movement
    a natural event that involves a change in the position or location of something
  10. noun
    a tight or amorous embrace
    synonyms: clinch, hug
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    type of:
    embrace, embracement, embracing
    the act of clasping another person in the arms (as in greeting or affection)
  11. noun
    the act of forcing yourself (or being forced) into or through a restricted space
    “getting through that small opening was a tight squeeze
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    type of:
    the action or process of compressing
  12. verb
    to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city"
    “He squeezed her for information”
    synonyms: coerce, force, hale, pressure
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    turn up the heat, turn up the pressure
    apply great or increased pressure
    compel or force or urge relentlessly or exert coercive pressure on, or motivate strongly
    overcome or coerce as if by using a heavy club
    steamroll, steamroller
    bring to a specified state by overwhelming force or pressure
    squeeze for
    squeeze someone for money, information, etc.
    dragoon, railroad, sandbag
    compel by coercion, threats, or crude means
    terrorise, terrorize
    coerce by violence or with threats
    bring oneself
    cause to undertake a certain action, usually used in the negative
    type of:
    compel, obligate, oblige
    force somebody to do something
  13. verb
    obtain by coercion or intimidation
    “They squeezed money from the owner of the business by threatening him”
    synonyms: extort, gouge, rack, wring
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    get or extort (money or other possessions) from someone
    type of:
    fleece, gazump, hook, overcharge, pluck, plume, rob, soak, surcharge
    rip off; ask an unreasonable price
  14. noun
    an aggressive attempt to compel acquiescence by the concentration or manipulation of power
    synonyms: power play, squeeze play
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    type of:
    attempt, effort, endeavor, endeavour, try
    earnest and conscientious activity intended to do or accomplish something
  15. noun
    a state in which there is a short supply of cash to lend to businesses and consumers and interest rates are high
    synonyms: credit crunch, liquidity crisis
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    type of:
    financial condition
    the condition of (corporate or personal) finances
  16. noun
    a situation in which increased costs cannot be passed on to the customer
    “increased expenses put a squeeze on profits”
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    type of:
    loss, red, red ink
    the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue
  17. noun
    (slang) a person's girlfriend or boyfriend
    “she was his main squeeze
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    type of:
    a person who loves someone or is loved by someone
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