When you tweak something, you pinch it or twist it. You may have a doting aunt who thinks you're still two years old and can't resist tweaking your nose every time she sees you.

Tweak also means to adjust or fine-tune. When you finish writing a paper, it's a good idea to go back through one last time, to tweak it and make sure it's absolutely perfect. So when you tweak something or give something a tweak, you're making little adjustments, you’re not rewriting your paper or tossing it out and starting all over again.

Definitions of tweak

v adjust finely

Type of:
tune, tune up
adjust for (better) functioning

v pinch or squeeze sharply

Type of:
nip, pinch, squeeze, tweet, twinge, twitch
squeeze tightly between the fingers

v pull or pull out sharply

pick off, pluck, pull off
draw away, draw off, pull off
remove by drawing or pulling
pluck with tweezers
Type of:
draw, force, pull
cause to move by pulling

n a squeeze with the fingers

Type of:
squeeze, squeezing
the act of gripping and pressing firmly

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